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Last modified November 9, 2017


COMEVIZZ is a web application to analyze distributions of software's source code metrics.

It can display the statistics of many software projects, and calculate Z-Score of software metrics for specific projects.


  1. Display the statistical information of many software projects
  2. Calculate Z-Score of software metrics in specific projects

Fig-1 Fig-2

By evaluating the Z-Scores of your own software project, you can identify the software metrics to be improved.

The measurement of software metrics (e.g. complexity and test coverage) has been practiced in various software development projects to assess the quality of their software products. However, it is difficult to interpret the meaning of the metrics, since appropriate quality (e.g. values or thresholds for the metrics) for each project is different.

To solve this problem, We develop COMEVIZZ to calculate Z-Score of metrics of certain source codes by comparing the metrics with a large number of commonly-used open source software stored in software repositories.

Since the Z-Score is commonly used with the values having normal distribution, COMEVIZZ has the feature of BoxCox transformation that can transform collected metrics values in various distributions into normal distributions. By the BoxCox transformation, COMEVIZZ can compare various software projects which have software metrics in various distributions in Z-Score.

COMEVIZZ can be found on GitHub.

For the inquiries about COMEVIZZ, please send the e-mail to the address shown in the page “Contact.”