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System Engineering Supporting Digital Co-creation

The trend of Digital Co-creation, which is an initiative to use digital technologies for existing business for creating new values with customers or ecosystem partners, is rapidly spreading in various industries. In order to succeed in business in this trend, enterprises have to utilize APIs for publishing their internal software assets and combining them with external parties' services, and to introduce digital technologies into their business with ease and establish the foundation for quickly producing new values.

Fujitsu Labs defines a technological domain for enabling easy, rapid and secure system development and management via API as "API-Publish & Compose." And we have been developing a new style, composition-type application development technology called "bizAPI-Compose" to mash up a wide variety of services and data held in and outside the company via API. We have also been developing a technology called "bizAPI-Publish" to analyze the functions and data of existing on-premises business systems for enabling them to be used from outside via API. In addition, we are trying to implement these technologies as PaaS, and are also developing an insight-driven development technology to feed back the insights which are obtained through analysis of the accumulated information on development projects and service operations on this platform to new development processes and services. We will lead the expansion and advancement of Digital Co-creation by providing these innovative technologies.

In order to meet the needs of customers who are aiming at early realization of digital transformation based on their existing business, we are developing a technology called "API-Publish & Compose" that combines the services and data in and outside the company via API and easily, rapidly and securely implements a system that produces new values.

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