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Accelerating co-creation through data utilization

In the digital era, the use of data is becoming increasingly important in order to revitalize business, with data being represented as "the oil of the 21st century".
There are a growing number of ecosystems that promote the use of diverse data types via consortiums across organizations and industries, established as companies accelerate their use of data. In the future, we anticipate that these ecosystems will be connected to each other and form new linkages, so that huge and diverse data such as IoT, media, and business data owned by individual companies can be exchanged across multiple ecosystems.

To this end, Fujitsu Laboratories is building an innovative data processing platform that will play an important in both society and business, providing new mechanisms to create value from data.

  • Core technology for trusted data exchange

    Data exchange has to be established on a foundation of trust, with appropriate control over data leakage, falsification and unauthorized use. Fujitsu Laboratories is engaged in research and development to solve these problems. By eliminating user concerns about data utilization and providing a trusted data platform that connects people, things and data on a transparent, trustworthy basis, we will accelerate co-creation among companies.

    Using blockchain technology as the core basis, we promote research and develop new technologies and applications designed to construct an ecosystem capable of highly reliable exchange and utilization of all kinds of data. For example, we have already developed technologies such as "VPX (Virtual Private digital eXchange)",which enables only essential data to be exchanged when contracted with trusted partners, without the data ever leaving the host organization; "IDYX (IDentitY eXchange)", which enables us to verify the credentials of the counterparty while maintaining full confidentiality; and "CDL (Chain Data Lineage)", which enables us to confirm the data origin with absolute precision. By combining these technologies, we are building a variety of application systems, including a secure and safe data exchange market, as well as enabling inter-company certification of reliable supply chains.

  • Towards real-world data utilization

    We are also working to build a foundation for a " CPS: Cyber-Physical System " that will capture and utilize vast amounts of data from the real world (physical space) in cyberspace. In a connected car or a human traffic flow in a large area, vast quantities of data are generated, with data utilization demands changing frequently. With our cutting-edge technologies, we can analyze the data and deliver valuable services by digitalizing real-world information in real-time.

    The Reactive Service Platform Technology "Dracena", developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, is a new architecture that can process large amounts of streaming data in real-time and dynamically add and change services without disrupting system operations. As Dracena is implemented on a widely-used OSS platform, it can be easily deployed in a variety of customer environments and helps create a wide cross-section of new businesses, including mobility, warehouse management, and shopping malls.

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