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Delivering a seamless Digital Transformation (DX)

Many companies involved in creating new businesses based on digital technology also face a difficult balancing act with legacy ICT systems. The combination of core system technical deterioration and the compound effects of years of repeated customization make it unviable to develop new functions or even to continue ongoing maintenance and operation. Equally, it is often not practical on the grounds of both cost and time to change the large-scale, mission-critical systems that underpin many corporate activities, such as production and accounting.

Fujitsu Laboratories’ strategy for digital transformation is to provide development and operation technologies that reduce the operational burden, while facilitating the addition of new functions and services. This enables our customers to deploy the latest digital technologies such as IoT and AI, while ensuring the stable operation of their existing systems.

  • Managing a gradual migration to digital systems

    In many cases, the operation of an overly complicated legacy system depends on the expertise of a limited number of professionals. The key to migrating these systems efficiently to digital systems involves a process of automatically identifying parts that can be digitalized, involving the analysis of the existing system source code and operational monitoring. In this way, digital systems can be developed that have minimal impact on existing systems, paving the way for new functionality such as AI to be added externally.

    Another important consideration is that digital systems with new functions are not deployed as on-premises single environment systems, but rather as distributed and mixed environment systems that include other companies' clouds. To this end, Fujitsu Laboratories is researching technologies designed to reduce the burden of development and operation, for example supporting system management in a multi-cloud environment and identifying new methods to address operational problems.

    In essence, Fujitsu Laboratories is researching and developing a new total system engineering technology approach that supports a gradual and seamless transition to digital systems.

  • Transferring legacy system DNA into the digital era

    We are all aware of the potential "2025 Digital Cliff" warnings from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is, however, important to preserve the value of legacy ICT systems and effect a smooth transition to new digital platforms. Above all, we seek to preserve the DNA that has been accumulated as the result of considerable investment and expertise, and ensure that this can be transferred smoothly to new digital systems. Fujitsu Laboratories provides a safe and secure environment for the entire migration process, ensuring that customers can balance the stable operation of existing systems with unconstrained new development. We achieve this by reducing the load on legacy ICT through careful development and operation automation, improving both reliability and the speed of development. The result is the realization of a flexible and resilient system structure, delivered via microservices architecture.

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