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Securing Trust in the digital era

In a world where all corporate activities are data-centric, security is the key contributing factor behind the concepts of co-creation and trust. Only by continually advancing security technology can we address the ever burgeoning number of cyber-attacks, while also handling all types of data, including personal information, in the most appropriate manner. We need new security technologies designed specifically to address the challenges of the digital era, including mechanisms to ensure the reliability of AI training data and to verify data origins for safe data exchange, transcending organization and industry boundaries.

Security is much more than just a technological issue. It sits at the heart of corporate survival, requiring total management commitment. At Fujitsu Laboratories, we have amassed unparalleled expertise in numerous fields including AI, networks, hardware, software, mathematics, and law, and we are promoting debate and research on security within a highly diverse environment.

  • "Proactive security" to create new value

    In addition to protective security technology, we are also exploring the concept of proactive security technology that creates new value by applying security technologies. For example, in order to enable data exchange between companies, security technology is required to manage the trustworthiness of data. Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a novel blockchain extension technology called Chain Data Lineage that enables distributed data to be tracked across organizations, including the detection of any tampering activity. As a result, the trustworthiness of the data can be certified, enabling the creation of exciting new services and products such as customized telematics insurance based on driving history data.

    Regarding personal data, we are developing security technologies that will guarantee its safer use in future, including anonymization and privacy assessment technologies. We are also investigating new security technology concepts for the information bank, a system for securely accessing personal data with the data subject’s consent, with the objective of realizing both individual control and the utilization of personal information. Above all, our security technology focus is based on Fujitsu's Human Centric concept, designed to improve society and personal wellbeing.

  • Achieving security by design

    All too often, it is too late to act after a security incident has occurred – the damage has been done. By focusing on security by design, we can take into account issues of security and privacy from the outset. This has to span more than just the technology itself, but also to incorporate the operator and the core process, including the definition of the initial requirements and the design stages. Fujitsu Laboratories is working to establish new methods, such as incorporating security measures in line with data sensitivity.

    The digital era involves the potential for all kinds of data to be connected, and with this comes multiple levels of potential threats that can undermine the fundamental values of society. A wide range of security technologies are required, including authentication and authorization, privacy protection, information leakage prevention, cyber-attack countermeasures, and vulnerability management to name but a few. Fujitsu Laboratories prioritizes the concept of trust, conducting R&D from the three imperative perspectives of people, data, and systems in order to secure trust at every level of customers' corporate activities.

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