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Digital Security Systems Protecting Society from Potential Threats

Fujitsu will provide the "Connected services" for connecting everything, learning various kinds of data and generating advanced knowledge, in order to meet the diversified needs in the digital era from now on. For achieving this aim, we have to protect not only the safety of these services itself but also the business systems/data of customers who will use these services. And it is a security technology that supports the foundation of this structure.

The threats of cyberattacks are increasing around the world. And the news concerning privacy invasion, information leakage, etc. draws our attention almost every day. And the laws and regulations on security control are becoming stricter than before such as Japan's Amended Act on the Protection of Personal Information (enforced in May, 2017), EU General Data Protection Regulation (enforced in May, 2018), etc. On the other hand, as mentioned above, we are in the era where multiple organizations cooperate and connect their data one another for creating new digital business. Therefore, we need a "technology to connect" the data of each person and thing to various processes by identifying and managing each piece of data precisely and guaranteeing its safety.

Fujitsu Labs is pushing forward with R&D on the world's top-level technologies in the fields of cyber security using AI, privacy and data security such as anonymization, blockchain that makes it impossible to tamper with currency transaction data recorded in the ledgers, authentication/authorization method for controlling ICT systems by accurately identifying people and things. Exercising these technologies, we will guarantee the reliability of the whole process of the "Connected services" and underpin the safety and security of customers' business activities. And we will continue making an effort to create new business based on security and revolutionary user experiences (UX).

We are developing technologies to protect the customer systems and important information from cyberattacks for promoting their safe and secure data usage and business expansion, as well as for creating new business based on security.

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