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Information and Communication Management in the 5G Era for Connecting Cyberspace and Physical World

Now, it is increasingly required to realize a cyber-physical system (CPS) for digitalizing all things in the real world and connecting them with various applications for enhancing their creativity and efficiency. In order to expand the scope of connected things dramatically and to accelerate realization of CPS, we consider that the handling of the boundary area (Kaimen) between real world and cyberspace is important. Thus, we are promoting R&D focused on "One Network," "Real world virtualization" and "Edge computing." These technologies enable to seamlessly connect various kinds of on-site sensors/equipment, private clouds, public clouds, and on-premises systems.

For implementing "One Network" that connects each site and ICT systems safely, securely and easily, we are proceeding with R&D on a high-capacity 5G wireless communication technology to connect as many as 50 billion things, which is several hundred times of the previous scale, with high reliability and low power consumption, as well as a technology to realize the practical use of the world's fastest optical network. We are also conducting R&D on virtual environment implementation, control and management technologies that enables easy connection between various real-world sites and ICT systems according to the situation without requiring expertise, as well as technologies for visualizing wireless connections and detecting errors to improve efficiency in network building and management. Besides, we are pushing forward with development of a data exchange network technology based on blockchain functionality, which is called "Virtual Private digital eXchange (VPX)," for facilitating smooth and secure data exchange between enterprises and realizing its practical use for the first time in the world.

For achieving "Real world virtualization" for easily utilizing and controlling people and things through business applications, we will deploy the "digital twin," which is a representation of several million pieces of status data of people and things in the real world mapped on the cloud, and connect people and things on each site via API for easy development and provision of services that can quickly respond to the changes in the real world.

In the domain of "Edge computing" that can enhance the on-site user experience (UX) and device control by providing comfortability, high-efficiency and safety in operation, we are advancing the development of a technology to execute and control the data distributed in a wide area on each network edge in the optimized form and timing according to the number of connections and the amount of data.

In order to realize a cyber-physical system (CPS) that digitalizes people, things and services in the real world and connects the cyberspace and real world, we are promoting R&D on various technologies for connecting them securely and surely, and providing the best service and information according to each situation and enhancing user experience.

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