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DX is at the top of many customers’ agendas, as they embark on what can be a long, strategic process. It can often involve finding a balance between harnessing the potential of data explosion to create new business opportunities with the need to maintain and enhance existing core business streams.

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed an important avenue to speed up the process of introducing a new DX. Our Solution Core concept systematically combines the cutting-edge core technologies developed by Fujitsu Laboratories with peripheral technologies such as data management and pre-processing functions, as well as guidelines, manuals, and expertise. The result is Fujitsu Laboratories’ Solution Core, ideally suited for a wide range of industries and businesses. Our focus is to ensure the smooth deployment of the latest digital technologies.

  • Four dedicated Solution Cores to deliver competitive advantage

    Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that advance their business. Using our extensive application and customer value expertise, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed and delivered four cutting-edge Solution Cores. The combination of our unique core technologies, together with widely available technologies, ensures that we can deliver flexible solutions for a wide range of industry and business applications.

    Our Diagnosis and Prediction Solution Core is designed to estimate condition, any anomaly or deterioration across a wide range of equipment, ranging from machinery to living plants and social infrastructure. The accurate prediction and estimation of the time, cause of deterioration and failure result in significantly reduced maintenance costs.

    The Action Analysis Solution Core recognizes and analyzes people's behavior and actions, regardless of the environment or activity. Using this solution, we can rapidly construct more complex work and behavior recognition models through a combination of learned models and a selection of pre-prepared patterns relating to basic actions.

    The Service Matching Solution Core is fine-tuned to matching and analyzing data, securely and efficiently. We can provide matching solutions to customers in various fields by templating core technologies such as mathematical optimization technology based on game theory and high-speed encrypted data search, as well as peripheral technologies and application patterns.

    Our Biometric Authentication and Settlement Solutions Core is an authentication and settlement technology based on biometric data. Using a combination of our proven palm vein authentication and multimodal biometric authentication (Palm vein + Face) and FIDO authentication, we can provide a secure and convenient authentication and settlement solution that is ideally matched to different usage scenarios.

  • Accelerating deployment, from introduction to full verification

    Our approach is designed dramatically to reduce the amount of time required to introduce a new solution. For example, AI-based image analysis solution conventionally prepared and verified both the learning data and models for each image analysis system on a case-by-case basis. Using our Action Analysis Solution Core, we have successfully accelerated the whole process by preparing dozens of learned models in advance for basic human actions, such as "walking" and "sitting". The ability to expand the model easily to suit different industries was also a priority. To achieve this, we developed a series of core and peripheral technologies, including an object recognition engine using video data and a behavioral definition dictionary based on a combination of basic actions. This now gives customers and system engineers access to an extensive library of learned models and peripheral technologies in a wide variety of fields, such as labor-saving damage investigation in accident insurance, enhanced factory line productivity in manufacturing, and shelf placement optimization in retail. The benefit is that the technology can be quickly and easily deployed to suit a given application, complemented by considerably reduced timescales for verifying its effectiveness.

    Fujitsu Laboratories is continually working to develop and enhance our core technologies further, rapidly promoting the creation of new value through close collaboration with customers.

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