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Data Management System that Facilitates the Value Creation Cycle

The world of Digital Co-creation that can generate new values by digital technologies is expanding into various fields in the society, such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, logistics and energy. In order to provide the services that can enrich daily lives of people in a more user-friendly form, we have to connect them as an open ecosystem by linking data appropriately. Fujitsu labs is conducting R&D for promoting Digital Co-creation through cross-industry collaboration.

"Data-driven platform connecting different industries" provides a highly reliable, comprehensive co-creation environment to both service providers and users by enabling integration and utilization of various kinds of data and ensuring safe and secure transactions. We are developing an automatic data processing technology to efficiently utilize a variety of data in IoT, media and business, which is obtained by connecting people, things and processes, as well as a high-speed search technology of the data distributed widely. And our Data Bazaar technology consisting of highly scalable data store and parallel processing functionality enables appropriate data management that largely influences on the results of Digital Co-creation. For example, in a marketing analysis, it took five days in the past for transforming and integrating about 8,000 pieces of POS data that comes in different formats and sizes into usable, unified form. However, this automatic data processing technology can shorten the period of the above mentioned data preparation task to almost half a day. This kind of acceleration technology facilitates utilization of valuable data sources that were unused before and leads to new service and business creation.

On the other hand, by visualizing the cloud service operation status and controlling it through API (application programming interface), it becomes possible for cloud users as customers to use cloud services, which were black box before, according to the convenience of their on-premises systems. Moreover, utilizing the operational data accumulated by Fujitsu, it also becomes possible to continuously evolve cloud services themselves.

We are conducting R&D on various technologies for realizing cloud architectures and services that can evolve continuously, by utilizing the operational data which has been accumulated by Fujitsu, in addition to a variety of data in IoT, media, and business of customers.

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