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Our Vision and Research DNA

Our Vision
Creating an aspirational digital society underpinned by “Trust”

As we advance and explore the digital era, Fujitsu is working co-creatively with customers to solve their DX (Digital Transformation) challenges. At Fujitsu Laboratories, we are applying our ground-breaking digital technologies to realize this goal, with the objective of solving previously unimaginable or unsolvable problems. Our focus is set on the future, making the impossible possible, and enabling our customers and society to achieve incredible new heights.

In the digital era, connections are without limits – linking individuals, goods and information in exciting, dynamic new ways. This process requires innovative new concepts and strategies. In response, Fujitsu Laboratories is constantly evolving and refining its strategic thinking. Back in 1976, our mission was to achieve “Reliability and Creativity”. In 2019, we focus on “Digital Trust and Co-creation”, reflecting how we are continually transforming in line with the changing world we live in. Today, Fujitsu Laboratories is committed to putting “Trust” into everything we do, applying our cutting- edge technologies to benefit the real world. A key part of this process involves creating new value through “Co-creation” with multiple and diverse stakeholders around the world.

Our Research DNA
Pioneering new value propositions for Technology and Business

There are two driving forces behind Fujitsu Laboratories’ R&D. The first involves challenging every facet of technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the most advanced R&D. Our front-line researchers are among the most inventive in the world, amassing an incredible volume of intellectual property and expertise in the world's most challenging fields. Our technology value chain covers a huge range of different disciplines, from materials and devices to computers, networks, software and services. Our R&D touches every aspect of society and business, working to deliver tangible transformation through invention. By taking a holistic view of today’s world, we are continually pioneering to improve the future.

As the global research arm of the Fujitsu Group, we are also working towards realizing the business value chain, promoting digital innovation for customers and society in close co-operation with our business divisions. This activity is based on our trailblazing technologies, leading the world in many key disciplines and launching solutions ahead of our competitors. Harnessing our global research capabilities in Japan, the United States, Europe and China, our R&D focus is concentrated on solving the most difficult challenges facing our customers.

By pushing the boundaries of technology itself, combined with benefiting society through its effective implementation, Fujitsu Laboratories is successfully delivering digital innovation for both our customers and society through these two value chains.

Benefiting society through effective implementation of technology

Business Value Chain

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