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ADME Database

ADME Database

ADME Database provides the latest and most comprehensive data on interactions of substances with Drug Metabolizing Enzymes and Drug Transporters that are specific to humans. It is designed for use in drug research and development, including drug-drug interactions and ADME(Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) studies. The contents of the database were collected and organized in accordance with the original Human P450 and Transporter Metabolism Database as developed by Professor Slobodan Rendic (Zagreb, Croatia).


Human Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Database

  • Cytochrome P450
  • Contains information on CYP enzymes and a number of variants, which participate/are tested in the metabolism of xenobiotics and endobiotics in humans.
  • Contains information on substances (as well as a number of natural products and other factors) influencing CYP activity based on the following type of interactions:
    • Substrate
    • Inhibitor
    • Inducer
    • Activator
  • Other Enzymes
  • Contains information on the following enzymes:
    • Esterases
    • UDP-glucuronosyltransferases
    • Sulfotransferases
    • Glutathione S-transferases
    • Flavin-containing Monooxygenases
Kinetics Information Database(1)
  • Contains supporting entries for the Human Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Database, providing numerical data on major kinetic parameters relevant for use in drug development/application studies.
    • in vitro assay used
    • Km
    • Vmax
    • Ki
    • K_inactivation
    • Cooperativity(n)
    • IC50
    • EC50
    • t1/2
  • (1) Kinetic Database is available only when it is coupled with Human Drug Metabolizing Enzyme Database.
ADME DB overview

Human Drug Transporter Database
  • Contains information on transporters involved in transport of drugs, physiological compounds, nutrients, and other chemicals and metabolites.
    • ABC Transporters
    • Organic Ion Transporters
    • Peptide Transporters
    • Nucleotide Transporters
    • etc...

Number of Entries

Number of Entries
Database Drug Metabolizing Enzymes Transporters
P450 Other Enzymes
Substrates 36,203 8,759 15,053
Inhibitors 29,114 6,249 19,097
Activator 546 230 357
Inducers 12,704 2,258 2,267

Data as of April 2019
Data will be updated quarterly.