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GYUHO SaaS detects estrous signs from changes in the step count data, by utilizing the behavioral characteristics of cattle. It is a service that supports a high conception rate. It can help efficient farm management by reducing opportunities lost due to missed estrus.


  • GYUHO SaaS monitors the estrus signs of breeding cattle 24 hours a day.
    Breeding cattle are equipped with pedometers, and estrus signs (changes in step count data) are constantly monitored.
    If estrus signs are recognized, an alert mail is sent.
  • The breeding information of the ranch can be visualized.
    Summarize the breeding statistics using breeding info such as estrous date, insemination date and time, conception info, etc. (First AI date, Calving interval, Conception rate, JMR etc.)
  • The breeding schedule can be confirmed from breeding information
    (Next scheduled estrus, Pregnancy test date, Calving date, etc.)
  • The service is available anywhere, since it is a cloud-based service.

GYUHO Features