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Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud GYUHO SaaS(Cattle breeding support service)


Promotional video

Cattle Breeding Support Service (GYUHO SaaS) - “How were we successful in raising the conception rate in cattle?”

In this video, we will show you how our service is tied to reproduction efficiency in cattle by explaining its features and introduce you to some examples of those who have employed it.

Topics (News, press release, exhibition etc.)

  • February 26,2016
GYUHO SaaS promotional video has been posted on this site.
  • February 22,2016
GYUHO SaaS (Connected Cow) was exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC2016), the world's largest mobile technology related event which was held this year in Barcelona, Spain.
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  • November 18,2015
GYUHO SaaS (Connected Cow) was exhibited at Fujitsu Forum 2015 Munich.
  • September 15,2015
GYUHO SaaS was exhibited at the Korea Cattle Convention, sponsored by North Gyeongsang Province and the North Gyeongsang Cattle Association.
GYUHO SaaS Topic 20150915
  • September 9,2015
GYUHO SaaS was exhibited at the Cloud Expo Korea 2015, sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and Busan Metropolitan City.
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  • July 12,2015
GYUHO SaaS was exhibited as "Connected Cow" at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 (USA).
GYUHO SaaS Topic 20150712 Worldwide Partner Conference 2015
  • February 20,2015
In a Big Data conference in San Jose, North America (Strata + Hadoop World), GYUHO was introduced by Joseph Sirosh (CVP of Microsoft Corporation, Machine Learning) in his presentation as an IoT case.("Connected Cows?" Strata+Hadoop World)Open a new window
  • November 19,2014
The contract of smart-agri to promote business utilizing ICT in Turkey was signed, with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), an independent administrative institution.
  • October 29,2014
GYUHO SaaS was exhibited at INDAGRA FOOD 2014 @ Bucharest (Romania's largest exposition food and agriculture).
  • August 18,2014
“TOKACHI MAINICHI NEWS PAPER” released an article about GYUHO SaaS, "FUJITSU to expand the Agriculture IT/ Management of cattle estrus and production of fields". Reduced manpower breeding management utilizing GYUHO SaaS was introduced at NOBELS DAIRY FARM LTD.
  • October 15,2013
Global rollout of GYUHO SaaS, a FUJITSU Intelligent Society Solution Akisai food and agricultural cloud service.[FUJITSU LTD./FUJITSU KYUSHU SYSTEMS LTD.]