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Agriculture ICT Solution

Food issues, global warming and various social and environmental issues have spread worldwide due to world population growth, etc. In the Asia region in particular, interest in “food safety and security” has been growing.
We provide services of agriculture ICT solutions of cloud-based service. We will contribute to the creation of a future with plentiful food that utilizes ICT, from Kyushu to Asia and worldwide.

Cloud service type Agriculture ICT solution GYUHO™ SaaSGYUHOSaas

GYUHO SaaS detects estrous signs from changes in the step count data, by utilizing the behavioral characteristics of cattle. It is a service that supports a high conception rate. It can help efficient farm management by reducing opportunities lost due to missed estrus.

Life Science Solutions

DDI SimulatorDDI Simulator

DDI simulator enables quantitative prediction of enzyme and transporter mediated drug-drug interactions using PBPK modeling simulations. A fully-customizable database of known substrates and inhibitors (with human in vivo Ki values) is available and ready for use in simulations with your in-house compounds.


ADMEWORKS is an advanced computer software for predicting ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion) properties of chemicals and drugs. It can be used for batch toxicity assessments as well as assist in QSAR (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships) studies of a large set of compounds.

ADME DatabaseADMEDatabase

ADME Database is a large collection of substrates, inhibitors, inducers and activators of well-known drug metabolizing enzymes as well as drug transporters. The database includes chemical structures of both major and minor metabolites as well as kinetic information found in literature.


LiqCryst is a large collection of chemical structures and physical data of currently known thermotropic liquid crystals found in numerous classes of substances like biphenyls, soaps, cellulosics, elastomers, cholesterol esters, metallomesogens, combined polymers and lipids.

Logistics Solutions


This system can evaluate (visualize) the effort and ingenuity for Eco friendly and safe driving accurately.