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Source Code Static Analysis PGRelief C/C++ Product Details


The scale of software development has grown dramatically in recent years, and along with a large scale comes greater complexity. It is no wonder that the demands for higher quality and lower costs in software development are getting harder to satisfy every year. A quick and sure way to meet these demands is to code programs that comply completely with coding rules.

PGRelief statically analyzes source programs in accordance with coding rules. It is a powerful support tool for finding problems in programs and suggesting solutions to developers.

With help of the Quality Monitoring option, which performs batch analysis on the source program integration server, PGRelief makes it easy to systematically control and keep track of quality, further increasing software quality and the efficiency of software development.

Static analysis of C/C++ source programs to locate flaws

The problems detected in programs automatically by PGRelief are similar to those found by skillful developers in the review process.

Incorporated review and test processes

Software reviews are more efficient because problems are detected early by PGRelief, when running, during the coding process. Moreover, problems that could previously be detected only during the test process can now be detected during the review process. The early detection reduces rework and the work time for operational testing. In this way, PGRelief accelerates development and reduce costs.

Effects of applying PGRelief
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