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Source Code Static Analysis PGRelief ISO 26262 Certification

ISO 26262PGRelief has now been recognized and certified as a software tool corresponding to ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level-D), the highest safety level in ISO 26262. This contributes to further improvements in the functional safety of products developed by customers as well as their acquisition of ISO 26262 Certificate.

Compatibility check based on coding rules and program error check performed by PGRelief improves the efficiency of development program verification required by Part 6 "Product development: software level" in ISO 26262.

When customers are applying for ISO 26262 Certification, they won't need to prove the adequacy of PGRelief that they use.

Certified Contents of ISO 26262

Product PGRelief C/C++ and PGRelief J
Version 2012, 2012 autumn, 2013, 2013 autumn, 2014, 2014 autumn, 2015, 2015 autumn, 2016, 2016 autumn, 2017, 2017 autumn, 2018, 2018 autumn, 2019
Tool Impact (TI) 2
Tool Error Detection (TD) 3
Highest Corresponding ASIL ASIL-D
System Requirements
Certified Products
  • PGRelief C/C++
  • PGRelief J
  • PGRelief CERT option
  • PGRelief Quality Monitoring option
  • PGRelief MISRA option
  • PGRelief Wide-ranging Detective option
Certification Method ISO 26262-8:2011
Item Table 4 1C) Software Validation
Certification Body Japan Quality Assurance Organization