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Source Code Static Analysis PGRelief C/C++ Product Functions

Basic Features | Quality Monitoring option | Wide-ranging Detective Option |

Wide-ranging Detective Option

Serious problems such as memory leaks and buffer overruns are often lurking among functions.
It is an optional product of the floating license version which is able to detect a serious problem. It expands the range of detection into problem area's between the functions from within functions.

For example, if you conduct a dispersed development with multiple developers, you may believe you will access a "Not zero" address passed as parameter, there used to be a risk of a reference address 0.
Therefore we recommend that you verify the quality of the part program consolidation.
By using the Wide-ranging Detective Option to gather and analyze the source program.

Analytical Image

Analytical Image

Analytical Result Image

It displays the route information from the problem that becomes the cause to the position pointed out in each message.

Viewer Screen
  • The error details / Show occurrences
  • Display the variable name that caused the error.
  • Specify variable name where declared the cause of the error.
  • Specify the location of the caller.
  • Display the variable name used as an argument.
  • Display the underlying problem areas that concluded.

Detectable Out

  • Memory Leak
    There used to be a risk of leakage opening when you execute acquisition / opening the area by a separate function.
  • Buffer Overrun
    There used to be a risk that exceeds the process to the area prepared by another function.
  • Reference address 0
    There used be a risk that believe to access "not zero" address passed as parameter.
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