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Source Code Static Analysis PGRelief C/C++ Product Functions

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Quality Monitoring option

This optional product analyzes the source programs on the server that has the collected source files, and it outputs the quality status of the entire project in HTML format. The product has a floating license. From the output results, where the problem is located and whether program faults are eliminated in each project can be understood at a glance.

As an example, each developer uses PGRelief for analysis on a client machine at any time during the day, and the accumulated source files on the server are analyzed in batch at night. This can be an effective way of using the license, as it is available, so that the developers and other project members understand the quality status of an entire project.

Conceptual diagram of operation

Sample of quality status output

Window for checking quality status

Larger View (37 KB)

Quality transition status sample

Window for checking quality transition status

Larger View (41 KB)

Specified distribution display added (when the quality monitoring option is in use)

The quality monitoring option can aggregate the number of indications for each source and project, using the characteristics below:

  • Quality characteristics
  • Problem characteristics
  • Syntax characteristics


Checking detection (viewer)

The Quality Monitoring option provides the detection message viewer as a new interface for developers.

Detection results can be checked and classified without changes to the actual source programs. The detection results can be classified into different types, including "untreated" and "treated (fixed/no fix needed)," then compiled and displayed.

  • The Quality Monitoring option can record reasons for the detection results judged as "no fix needed" (suppressed detection).
  • Detection can be disabled for source programs created before PGRelief was installed.
Window with detection message viewer

Window with detection message viewer

Link with a configuration management tool

The Quality Monitoring option links with a configuration management tool to automatically obtain the source programs that are PGRelief monitoring targets. PGRelief analyzes the source programs in batch on the server. After it outputs and stores the analysis results in HTML format, the results can be published to everyone involved in the project.

The Quality Monitoring option does not require an extra step in the work of developers, who need only to register source programs with a configuration management tool after completing their coding, as they have done in the past. Quality controllers and project leaders can understand the quality status of an entire project at a glance.

Note: For more information about the supported configuration management tools, please contact us.

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