Agile+ : The Art for High Quality and Short-term People Development

Agile+ (Agile Plus) is the art of agile development with high quality pioneered by Fujitsu Software Technologies.
With our original knowledge gained through agile development practice over 15 years, we have made it possible to develop systems that require high reliability quickly and flexibly.

Agile+ is also a process of transferring technique and tacit knowledge. A strong agile development team will be established by applying Agile+ to your organization and supporting its penetration.

With our high-quality agile development "Agile+", ICT will innovate your business dramatically.

Agile+ in both SoE and SoR

Agile+ features high quality software and short-term people development. The strength of Agile⁺ is a team itself nurtured through agile development.
In the organization culture that emphasizes challenge and craftsmanship, we have continuously accumulated knowledge of 3P & Technology.

With this knowledge, we express our originality in all types of industry, systems such as SoE and SoR, and software products

3P&Technology Supported by Team and Organization Culture

Technological Grow-up Strategy

Quality-driven high speed development

Full transparency

Utilization of our original technology