System Memory "FRAM" Exhibits in the Science Museum, Tokyo

Since March of 2017, the FRAM devices provided by Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution are displayed on exhibition room "New Electro Hall (Link to Cyberspace)" in the Science Museum, Tokyo.
In the Science Museum, many children and students are learning about science by interactive exhibits. This means, visitors can manipulate and play with many exhibits.
Our FRAM chips are exhibited as a very small IC chip to introduce to the people who does not have an opportunity to see such a small electronic devices in daily life.


Fujitsu's FRAM chips are displayed on the exhibition room named "New Electro Hall" and theme of the room is "Daily life supported by the things and information."
Information of things is recorded into a electronic device, "Memory", mounted on most of all electronics products.
FRAM has been exhibited as one of memory devices to record digital data of information.

Exhibits titled "RFID chip/FRAM chip"

In the near future, small IC chip to identify information of individual person and things will be used in our life more than ever. Many of the IC chips will enable to record real-time data log through various sensors. Our FRAM chip and RFID chip are exhibited as the memories with very small chip size and to introduce that they are suitable memory to identify individual information.

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