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29 June, 2012
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Completion of Installation of Seismic Isolation Plates to All Vertical Furnaces in 200mm Wafer Processing Plants

Yokohama, Japan, June 29, 2012- Fujitsu Semiconductor Group has completed the installation of seismic isolation plates to its vertical furnaces in its 200mm wafer processing plants, and strengthened its capability to quickly restore the operation in the case of disasters.

In the wake of last year's Tohoku earthquake, it is widely recognized that the importance of the stable supply of goods and materials is more significant than ever. As to semiconductor production facilities, there is also a higher requirement for their ability to quickly recover from disasters such as earthquakes. Fujitsu Semiconductor Group had established its Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan which enables restoration of wafer processing plants in seven days and assembly plants in three days, based on the experiences from the two major earthquakes that hit Iwate and Miyagi area in 2008. One of the countermeasures in the plan is "further measures to seismically isolate and earthquake proof manufacturing equipment". As a part of this BCM plan, Fujitsu Semiconductor Group had decided to introduce the seismic isolation plates to the vertical furnaces in its wafer processing plants, with the cooperation of Taisei Corporation and Tokyo Electron Limited.

Vertical furnaces contain quartz parts inside. It would require considerable amount of repair time if those quartz parts are damaged due to an earthquake, causing a prolonged delay of the plant recovery. Before the March 11th earthquake last year, Fujitsu Semiconductor Group had finished installation of the seismic isolation plates to about 20% of its vertical furnaces, which were considered as the most critical equipment for the operation, in its 200mm wafer processing plants (Iwate plant, Mie plant, and Fujitsu Semiconductor Technology Inc.). After the earthquake, none of those furnaces with the seismic isolation plate had the quartz parts damaged, and this has greatly helped the rapid restoration of the plant operation. Upon confirming its effectiveness, Fujitsu Semiconductor Group decided to install the seismic isolation plates to all of its remaining 200mm vertical furnaces.

The installation work has been recently completed on schedule, establishing further robust capability to quickly restore the operation in the case of disasters. As for the 300mm wafer line in Mie plant, the seismic isolation plates are not necessary, since the clean room building itself was constructed seismically isolated.

In addition to the seismic isolation, we are taking measures for further effective BCM, such as setting up emergency generators to all of is plants, which will enable to maintain the clean room environment during a power outage. Through these activities, Fujitsu Semiconductor Group will make all-out efforts to ensure stability in the supply of products to its customers.

Figure 1. Seismic Isolation PlatesFigure 1. Seismic Isolation Plates

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