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Safety Precautions

In order to prevent beforehand the harm and damage that might be incurred to customer and others, please use it properly and safely after reading and understanding the following content well.

WARNING If handling is mistaken without reading this warning, it may lead to death or severe injury of people.
  • Please keep use within specifications. If its use exceeds the greatest specification, it may harm its function or there is a possibility to generate vast amount of heat, smoking, ignition, or poisonous gases.
  • Do not touch nor contact with chemicals if possible.
    Plastic material will be dissolved when it comes in contact with acid and alkaline chemicals etc., and there is a possibility to generate harmful gases.
ATTENTION If handling is mistaken without reading this warning, it may lead to injury of people or material damage may occur.
  • Please handle it very carefully to avoid static electricity.
    When handling the products, please prepare static electricity measures.
    Static electricity may cause product destruction, loss of function, and malfunction.
  • Please be careful about heat generation regarding the design equipped with the product.
    Some product may have such high temperature. When touched bare-handedly, one may suffer a burn, or it may overheat the surrounding installed parts.
  • The installment should only follow the Fujitsu recommended installment conditions.
    If the installment has been done beyond provided installment conditions, it may cause loss of function, or it may decompose and there is a possibility to generate harmful gases.
  • In case of installation of heat radiation board or a fin, please be careful not to distort nor change the shape. If the board or fin are not properly installed, they may cause malfunction.
  • Please be careful not to get injured by jacks.
    Some products depending on their functions, have jacks with sharp tips.
  • Please be careful when in use of an ultrasonic cleaning.
    When ceramic package or ceramic module are washed by means of ultrasonic cleaning, during its cleaning, internal wire may resonate and may be cut off and as a result, may cause defect.
    For plastic package, please follow Fujitsu recommended cleaning method.
  • Do not use at the place where corrosive gas is generated.
    There is a possibility that its performance may become inferior and may violate the function due to corrosion.
  • Please ask official processing supplier for its disposal.
    There is a possibility that a harmful gas is generated if incinerated at the time of disposal.