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Quality Policy and Quality Assurance System

ISO9001・ISO Certificate of Fujitsu Semiconductor

Quality Policy


"We enhance the reputation of our customers and the reliability of social infrastructure." in the FUJITSU Way

The quality policy of Fujitsu Semiconductor is described in the "Corporate Values" of the FUJITSU Way which defines the philosophy and policy of the Fujitsu Group for all companies in the group.

Quality Assurance System

The Quality Assurance department controls every stage from planning of new product, design, mass-production, to managing customer complaints to supply highly reliable semiconductor products and services to customers.
Our Quality Assurance department functions as the overall center for assuring quality and reliability, and has strong relationships not only with our internal engineering departments but also with the QA dept. at our suppliers.

  • Quality Assurance System Structure Diagram

Quality Assurance System Structure Diagram

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