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Collaboration with Suppliers

ISO9001・ISO Certificate of Fujitsu Semiconductor

  • Collaboration Through 5 Important Factors

Collaboration Through 5 Important FactorsFujitsu Semiconductor, a design and development company of electronics devices has a strong relationship with suppliers such as wafer manufacturers and package assembly makers. We collaborate to improve our products in terms of quality, engineering, price, stable supply and CSR* in order to satisfy our customers.

* CSR:Corporate Social Responsibility

Selecting and Certifying of Suppliers

For manufacturing of high-quality products, the suppliers to which we outsource wafer manufacturing, and packaging for our products are very important. Therefore, we carefully decide and certify the suppliers.
First stage is the selection stage. At this stage, we decide candidates for supplier through three steps, candidate selection, a capital investigation, and a technical investigation.
After selecting the candidate, we shift to the second stage, certification stage. At this stage, we can begin to certify the candidate through four-steps, a prototype technology evaluation, a reliability evaluation, conclusion of purchasing specification (including an agreement on Quality Assurance), and finally an audit, for certification.
If the candidate is approved by the audit, we certify the company as a supplier.

Selecting and Certifying Flow

Supplier Management at Mass Production

Fujitsu Semiconductor outsources manufacturing of our products to certified suppliers. In controlling mass production at this stage, we conduct continuous monitoring, measurements, and analysis of the supplier through monthly reports, quality meetings, complaint support and abnormal control activities. Furthermore, we evaluate and rate our suppliers quality based on the results of their performance. And also we conduct periodic audits, special audits, and give them feedback.

  • Supplier Management Flowchart

Supplier Management Flowchart

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