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Quality and Reliability

ISO9001・ISO Certificate of Fujitsu Semiconductor

Fujitsu Semiconductor LSIs are used in a variety of fields and play an important role in our customers' products. Fujitsu Semiconductor places the highest priority on product quality and reliability, and we are known for high-quality and reliability globally. We aim to improve quality and reliability even further in terms of people, process, and product.


Fujitsu Semiconductor's employees expend every effort to achieve success by setting extremely high standards for quality and reliability.
This is a result of our internal training program. This training program ensures that every employee is fully aware of the importance of achieving high-quality in the final product.


Maintaining the quality management process for all aspects of our business from product planning to the follow-up provided for the customers is the key point in providing high-quality products in a stable manner. Fujitsu Semiconductor is able to achieve this goal by implementing thorough checks at each stage of the quality management process, and being vigilant in maintaining strict control standards.


Fujitsu Semiconductor's many, diverse, and rich experiences enable us to develop products that meet a variety of customer needs. We seek to contribute to diverse segments of society by providing highly reliable products created from highly reliable semiconductor devices.

Reliability Scheme

Reliability Scheme

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