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In addition to our high quality, highly reliable FRAM memory, for which we have extensive mass production experience, we offer a wide range of semiconductors from domestic and overseas manufacturers.

Scope of Our Group's Business in The Semiconductor Supply Chain

Scope of our group's business in the semiconductor supply chain


To collect the information on new product development while analyzing the market environment surrounding users and business strategies. To select and propose semiconductor products most suited to their needs after fully understanding the semiconductors required by users.


Development of specifications/design of logic circuits/logic synthesis/design of layouts are performed, and converted to mask data, to realize the functions determined in product planning phase as actual LSI.

Mask Manufacturing

Photomasks, which are used for exposing circuit patterns onto wafers in the wafer manufacturing process, are manufactured.

Wafer Manufacturing

The process of fabricating an integrated circuit on a silicon wafer, also referred to as the "pre-process." At the front end of the process, transistors are formed, and at the back end, wiring between transistors and other elements is performed to complete the circuit.

Wafer Testing

To test for defect/non-defect of chips on wafers by utilizing testers and probers.


Semiconductor products are supplied according to user needs and requirements.

Tracing The DNA of Our Semiconductor Business, Taken Over from Fujitsu

History of Fujitsu's Semiconductor Business

List of Fujitsu Semiconductor Group Businesses

LSI Products

Overview of FRAM, ReRAM, NRAM, and other products handled by Fujitsu Semiconductor Group.

IoT Solutions

Overview of device solutions employing technology, products, and services to support IoT.

Foundry Services

Overview of our highly reliable technology and services based on our mature process technology, production technology, foundry business support organization, continuous quality assurance activities, and improvement of QCD (Quality Cost Delivery) through production renovation activities.


We offer an broad line-up of products from the Fujitsu Group, and other domestic and overseas manufacturers. From design support to logistics, we provide the best solutions to various needs.