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President's Message/Managements

President's Message

Kagemasa Magaribuchi

Kagemasa Magaribuchi
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Fujitsu's semiconductor business started in 1966, more than 50 years ago, with what is said to be Japan's first clean room for making prototype ICs at the Fujitsu Kawasaki factory. The DNA of Fujitsu's semiconductor business, which was acquired subsequently as the business grew larger, has been passed onto the present-day Fujitsu Semiconductor Group, including the high functionality, high quality, and high reliability of its products. In an era of technologies that includes PCs, smartphones, and even IoT, our commitment to striving toward high quality manufacturing and creating value that matches customer needs does not change.

Fujitsu semiconductor offers Ferroelectric Random Access Memories (FRAMs)-which have distinctive features-to customers. FRAMs provide non-volatility, which retain stored data even when the power is turned off, as well as random access. Compared with conventional types of non-volatile memories, such as EEROMs and flash memories, FRAMs have unique features, including higher write speeds, greater read/write cycle endurance, and lower power consumption. FRAMs are employed for a wide range of uses, such as IC cards, RFID tags, electric meters, and industrial machineries. They are also best suited for wearable devices and sensor networks, whose markets continue to grow.

Our group companies engaging in the wafer foundry business have allied and partnered with other companies in the same industry and transferred businesses to new ownership for their further business expansion in the future. However, our spirit of taking on the challenge of high quality manufacturing has still firmly taken root. In FY2014, Aizu's 6-inch manufacturer launched the world's first mass-production of gallium nitride (GaN) power devices which are expected to play a crucial role in saving energy and has been providing customers with environmentally friendly products. Aizu's 8-inch manufacturer (Note 1) leverages existing technologies to provide a wide range of LSI products, including flash microcontrollers used in automobiles and digital equipment, thereby contributing to our customers' businesses. Mie's 12-inch manufacturer is expected to be under the wing of UMC Group in 2019. By establishing an excellent partnership with us, the company will continue to provide its technological strength which has achieved ultra-low power consumption and highly reliable and high quality products to many customers.

In terms of sales, through our global network of Fujitsu Electronics (Note 2) and its overseas sales subsidiaries, we provide new values and best solutions in order to create values that meet the needs of customers not only in Japan, but also in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Staying true to the motto, "Our Technology is There to Support You," the Fujitsu Semiconductor Group has been developing business. While promoting semiconductor development with a focus on our system memory business (FRAMs, etc.) and in cooperation with partner companies, we will continue to deliver semiconductor products with features, including high functionality, high quality, and high reliability, and detailed services to customers.

Note 1: The 8-inch manufacturer is 60% owned by ON Semiconductor Corp. since October 2018 and its name has been changed to ON Semiconductor Aizu Co., Ltd.
Note 2: Fujitsu Electronics Inc. is 70% owned by Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd. since January 2019.


Kagemasa Magaribuchi/President and Representative Director

Kagemasa Magaribuchi
President and
Representative Director

Shigeo Aoyama/Corporate Senior VP

Shigeo Aoyama
Corporate Senior VP

Shinichi Machida/Corporate Senior VP

Shinichi Machida
Corporate Senior VP

Haruyoshi Yagi/Corporate Senior VP

Haruyoshi Yagi
Corporate Senior VP

Hiroshi Hayashi Corporate EVP (part-time) (Corporate Senior VP,Fujitsu Ltd.)

Hiroshi Hayashi
Corporate EVP
(Corporate Senior VP,
Fujitsu Ltd.)

Masahiro Kawakami/Auditor

Masahiro Kawakami

Hirose Auditor

Youichi Hirose
Auditor (part-time)
(Auditor, Fujitsu Ltd.)


Toshikimi Hanaoka/Corporate Vice President CFO

Toshikimi Hanaoka
Corporate Vice President

Simizu Corporate Vice President

Atsuo Shimizu
Corporate Vice President

Masato Matsumiya/Corporate Vice President

Masato Matsumiya
Corporate Vice President