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What is palm vein authentication?

"contactless biometrics" Palm vein authentication

What is "Vein Authentication"?

From security systems for the average family home to protection of personal information, anti-theft devices for cars and other vehicles, and world-wide anti-terrorist systems, relatively safe, low-risk security systems are being sought in a large variety of fields.
Biometrics (biological identification), which is able to identify an individual to a high degree of accuracy by using the biological characteristics of the human body, is currently being focused on as the most reliable means of personal identification. Within this field, "vein authentication", which uses image recognition and optical technology to scan the normally invisible vein pattern of the palm, back of the hand, fingers, etc. has the properties of being highly accurate and highly resistant to counterfeiting, impersonation, and other dishonest actions.

The world first "contactless vein authentication" technology developed by Fujitsu offers even more security and ease of use while overcoming previous problems. This page provides a detailed introduction into "contactless vein authentication", which has been called the ultimate authentication scheme.

PalmSecure™ Sensor

The leading edge technology known as "palm vein authentication" can be easily integrated into customer products.

PalmSecure™ SDK

The PalmSecure SDK is a software development kit (SDK) for developing solutions and products that use the PalmSecure sensor.