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Providing the Korean Clearing System with Palm Vein Authentication Devices

Fujitsu Korea Pushing Hard into the Market for Biometric Payment Authentication

Fujitsu Korea (1) and FUJITSU FRONTECH (2) have made available the Fujitsu Biometric Authentication system PalmSecureTM, a palm vein authentication device, to the major Korean credit card company Lotte Card Co., Ltd. (3) for their settlement service “Hand Pay Service”. And, thanks to PalmSecureTM, we have built a cardless payment system for Lotte Card cardholders.
Making full use of the palm vein authentication technology proudly provided by Fujitsu, Lotte Card started the first bio-pay service in Korea on 16 May, in which Lotte Card customers can make lump-sum credit card payments even when they are not carrying their cards by just using biometrics to authenticate who they are.
The Fujitsu Group will now go on to ignite the know-how gained from this Korean setup to launch services that combine both convenience and security derived from palm vein authentication.

May 29, 2017

PalmSecureTM does not save palm vein info in the shape of an image but rather it changes the vein pattern info into data that cannot be deciphered, and then encrypts that data. With the system for Lotte Card’s Hand Pay Service, the encrypted data are divided and stored in the Bio Information distributed data management center of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearing Institute (KFTC) and the system environment of Lotte Card, to strengthen security even further.

System Overview System Overview

PalmSecureTM makes use of a bodily characteristic, where reduced hemoglobin inside the vein in the subcutaneous tissue absorbs near infrared rays, which depict a blackish color, to distinguish vein patterns that differ from person to person, and thus recognize the owner of the vein. And, a palm vein has a greater number of blood vessels than the fingertip, and there is no interference from body hair and skin pigment, so even twins can be distinguished – thus, regardless of race, age and sex, PalmSecureTM enables stable, accurate authentication.

Indeed, as the vein pattern does not change, once a person registers their vein, it can be used for authentication without any need to re-register.

Moreover, as this is info in the body, PalmSecureTM offers a powerful defense against falsification and identity fraud, proves to be highly safe even among the various forms of biometric authentication, and is superior when it comes to hygiene because it enables contactless authentication.

Back in 2015, Fujitsu Korea set up PalmSecureTM in digital kiosks for non-face-to-face transactions in the “SHINHAN YOUR SMART LOUNGE” of Shinhan Bank. This established the first example of biometric authentication in finance in Korea. Following on from that success, the second biometric authentication solution was offered by Fujitsu Korea to the Woori Bank, which used it in their “Wibee Smart Kiosk” (the bank’s new non-face-to-face channel for providing cardless, non-face-to-face transaction services). Yet again, in other moves, Fujitsu Korea has been able to offer many biometric authentication services to clients in Korea, such as ATMs that use palm vein authentications for Kookmin Bank and an identification system for safe-deposit boxes for NH Investment & Securities, which is the first time such a system has been used in the securities industry - indeed, we are proud to say that NH has introduced the services of this system to their nationwide network.

And, it was Fujitsu Korea that established the system that works with the Bio Information distributed data management center of the Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearing Institute (KFTC) to which the Lotte Card “Hand Pay Service” is linked.

Comment from Fujitsu Korea Representative Director Choi Jae-il

Here, Lotte Card’s “Hand Pay Service” is a groundbreaking service that opens the curtain on the bio-pay age, as the bodies of users become the payment method, without any need for cash, cards or smartphones to settle up, making it the safest fintech based payment system you can opt for. With this, we at Fujitsu Korea will take the lead in the Korean biometric authentication solutions market via our palm vein authentication solutions that give us the best edge in safety and convenience in the world.

Comment from FUJITSU FRONTECH Corporate Senior Vice President Kunihiko Matsumori

Using technology provided by Fujitsu Laboratories (4), FUJITSU FRONTECH is developing and producing palm vein authentication systems. And, since Fujitsu (5) and FUJITSU FRONTECH launched a contactless palm vein authentication device in 2004, a grand total of 770,000 devices have been shipped to some 60 countries around the world, enabling more than 70 million people to make use of biometrics (6).
And with this recent move by Lotte Card to use our PalmSecureTM, I am sure the convenience of settling bills in Korea will improve and security will be bolstered.


(1) Fujitsu Korea: Fujitsu Korea Ltd.; Headquarters Seoul, Korea; Co-CEO Park Hyung-koo, Choi Jae-il

(2) FUJITSU FRONTECH: FUJITSU FRONTECH LIMITED; Headquarters Inagi-shi, Tokyo, Japan; CEO Bunmei Shimojima

(3) Lotte Card Co., Ltd.: headquarters Seoul, Korea; CEO Kim Chang-kwon

(4) Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.: Headquarters Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan; CEO Shigeru Sasaki

(5) Fujitsu: Fujitsu Limited;Headquarters Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan;CEO Tatsuya Tanaka

(6) a grand total of 770,000 devices have been shipped to some 60 countries around the world, enabling more than 70 million people to make use of biometrics: Cumulative shipments and number of people registered as of March 31, 2017.

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Date: 29 May, 2017
Company: Fujitsu Korea Ltd., Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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