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FUJITSU FRONTECH releases GSR50, a cash handling unit which offers flexible combination

- 18 different combinations support various applications -

On January 16, 2017, FUJITSU FRONTECH will launch FUJITSU Cash Handling Component GSR 50, a cash handling unit for small-sized ATM, change machine, self-checkout machine, ticket vending machine, etc. used in the financial, retail, and transportation environment.
We have been selling large-sized cash handling units mainly for ATMs in European and Chinese markets. In addition to those units, we will bring a small-sized and versatile cash handling unit to new markets to meet a growing demand for it. The scalable cash handling unit, GSR50, offers larger storage capacity by using additional modules and can be used as an acceptor, acceptor & dispenser, or recycler by the combination of the top module and module(s) equipped with deposit, withdrawal, and/or recycling function.
Our cutting edge bill validation technology supports 256 denominations as well as one of security features, serial number reading, for which there is an increasing demand in the European and Chinese markets. Furthermore, GSR50 ensures easy maintenance and can be readily replaced module by module in case any failure occurs.
With these unique features, GSR50 can be integrated into various cash handling machines including ATMs, ticket vending machines, etc.

January 16, 2017


Existing cash handling units are designed to meet single application such as deposit only, deposit & withdrawal, etc. and vary in size.
The size of a cash handling unit, which is the core of a cash handling machine such as an ATM, affects the size of the cash handling machine and could restrict the design of the machine. Moreover, functional changes such as upgrading to the recycling function involve replacement of or drastic modification in the machine.
Therefore, we decided to develop the compact and scalable cash handling unit, GSR50, to allow users to flexibly combine equal-sized various functional modules based on their needs. Users can flexibly integrate GSR50 into their machines and easily achieve functional upgrade.

Recycling unit (maximum configuration)Recycling unit (maximum configuration)


1. Scalability
GSR50 supports 18 different combinations from the minimum configuration, an acceptor, to a recycler equipped with large capacity cassette(s) for various environments.

2. Excellent validation and easy maintenance
GSR50 is equipped with a bill validation unit to support 256 denominations of various countries. The unit can also support serial number recognition, a high security function required in the European and Chinese market.
Furthermore, the unit can streamline maintenance work since it consists of separated modules and only damaged modules should be replaced in case any failure occurs.

3. Sophisticated and compact
The size of an acceptor is very compact. The dimensions are 155 mm x 600 mm x 309 mm (Width x Depth x Height). The unit function can be enhanced by piling up additional modules and there is no change in footprint.

Acceptor(Minimum configuration)Acceptor(Minimum configuration)

Example of Use

Example of Use


Item GSR50
Dimension (Width x Depth x Height) 155 mm x 600 mm x 309 to 769 mm
*Height depends on module combination.
Weight (unit only) Approximately 11.7 kg
(Acceptor with minimum configuration)
*Weight depends on module combination.
Bunch size Up to 50 notes / deposit, up to 20 notes / withdrawal
Bill storage capacity Cash box (See note 1.) Approximately 1,500 notes
Recycling stacker (See note 2.) Approximately 120 notes
Loading cassette (See note 3.) Approximately 500 notes
Exception box (See note 4.) Approximately 20 notes

Selling price

Open price


Available on January 16, 2017

Sales target

Approximately 60,000 units for the next three years

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Product information is available in English for your reference. :


Note 1: Cash box is used to deposit and collect bills.
Note 2: Recycling stacker is used to recycle bills.
Note 3: Loading cassette is used to dispense/replenish bills.
Note 4: Exception box is used to collect damaged bills, etc.


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Date: 16 January, 2017
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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