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Fujitsu Frontech Releases New Globalized Pocket Type Bill Recycling Unit “G750”

Tokyo, September 29, 2011 – Fujitsu Frontech Limited (hereinafter, FTEC) today released the pocket type Bill Recycling Unit (BRU) "G750" as an addition to its product lineup that includes the current slot type Bill Recycling Unit, and as part of its efforts to move ahead with globalization.

The "G750" next-generation unit is equipped with the "BV100" Bill Validator released in April this year, which complies with banknote authentication requirements worldwide. The unit is equipped with technology developed for Japanese domestic units, for "high speed bill transportation" and "stable operability."

Traditionally, the slot type unit has been the standard unit for the global market. FTEC has provided the slot type in the same manner. In response to the rapid growth of the BRU market in recent years, FTEC will begin marketing the pocket type "G750" in the global market, including China, Korea, and Brazil. (Orders for the "G750" will be accepted from today, September 29, 2011).

September 29, 2011

In the past, FTEC has provided slot-type BRU's (the "G600" series) in the global market. Now, FTEC has developed and commenced sales of a new pocket type BRU "G750" which is the standard in the Japanese domestic market.

The new BRU G750 utilizes the advantages of BRU's that are available in the Japanese market and that have continuously achieved high-speed bill transportation and stable operability. Additionally, the "G750" provides high performance in authenticity determination by being equipped with a new type of Bill Validating Unit, the "BV100," which identifies banknote serial numbers and manages a maximum of 256 denominations of currencies in a single unit. Moreover, adopting the G750 into an ATM, enables the height of the ATM to be kept low thanks to the contribution of the "Pocket", which provides deployment flexibility.

In recent years, ATM deployment has been accelerating in China. Approximately 270,000 units are in use, although the number of recycling type units has remained at 85,000 (The figure for Japan is 180,000 running as recycling types). Assuming that the installation rate per unit by population of the recycling type ATM in China will be proportionally the same as the rate in Japan, the potential market for recycling type units will grow to 2,000,000 units, which translates into a market that is 11 times larger than the Japanese market.

In the days ahead, FTEC will also aim to significantly boost sales of the units in markets where demand for them is expected to grow, such as Brazil and Korea.


1. Large capacity, high performance and high speed

(1) Standard: 12,000 banknote capacity (4 cassette × 3,000 banknotes, at dispense use mode)

(2) 2 types of reject usage: for rejected bill storage and for walk away banknote storage.
Banknote storage cassette (1,800banknotes + 200banknotes) equipped.

(3) 44% faster processing time per one dispensing transaction.
(Customer manipulating time excluded)

2.High reliability

(1) The first unit to adopt a patrol note function.
Realizes stable operation by self checking for any media remaining in the bill-transportation path  inside the Unit.

3. Manage a maximum of 256 denominations of currencies by as single unit

(1) Complies with global banknote authentication requirements

(2) Records feature information in memory in real time and manages dispensed and deposited banknotes as journals and receipts

(3) Equipped with dispense and deposit control function
Can reject or return certain bills as counterfeits by registering the serial number of the banknote and identifying when the banknote is to be dispensed or deposited(*1).

4. Other

Price: Individual quotations

Sales start: Sales start on September 29, 2011, and shipping starts in January 2012.

Sales target: Forty thousand units worldwide within three years


*1 This is optional. Please contact FTEC about the countries supported by the serial number related functions.


"Pocket type" and "Slot type" units:

“Pocket type” and “Slot type” units:

G750 Bill Recycling Unit Product Specifications

Item Specification
External dimensions (H x W x D), mm Approx. 378 W × 828 H × 725 H
Weight (excluding bills) Approx. 158 kg
Number of cassettes 4 cassettes (standard)
Banknotes in each transaction 200 banknotes
Banknote retrieval function Equipped
Banknote setting number per cassette Approx. 3000 banknotes (at dispense use mode)
"Reject"/"Walk away" storage capacity Approx.1,800 banknotes/ approx. 200 banknotes

Date: 29 September, 2011
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited

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