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Fujitsu Frontech Releases New Compact Bill Recycling Unit: Slim, Large-Capacity "G60"

Tokyo, April 28, 2011 – Fujitsu Frontech Limited (hereinafter, FTEC) today released the compact "G60" Bill Recycling Unit (BRU), their slimmest BRU ever (160 mm). Adopting a method to vertically insert banknotes, the G60 has a compact profile yet still has a banknote capacity that accommodates up to 1,400 bills. It achieves high reliability with the validation technology of the FTEC "BV100" Bill Validator, also released today. The G60 also has compatibility with the FTEC "F53" Bill Dispensing Unit (BDU) which, with more than 60,000 units shipped, has a track record with SCO in the U.S. and ticket vending machines for metro lines in China, for example. FTEC is thus responding to worldwide replacement demand for compact bill recycling units.

April 28, 2011

In the past, FTEC did not have a small, high-performance bill (banknote) recycling unit and instead combined a separate banknote dispenser and banknote acceptor to form a banking machine, even though customers had asked FTEC for a single unit for banking, which was necessary for reasons such as space-saving needs and improving efficiency. Listening to their customers, FTEC has responded by developing their slimmest (160 mm) bill recycling unit (BRU), the compact G60.

Despite being compact, this BRU manages to accommodate banknotes with its large capacity and realize the same performance as an ATM. Additionally, with regard to installation, the G60 has compatibility with the FTEC F53 Bill Dispensing Unit (BDU), so an F53 unit is interchangeable with the G60 recycling unit without further mechanical design work on the device side. This is significant as the F53 has a track record, with more than 60,000 units shipped worldwide, of use in, for example, self-checkout (SCO) systems.

The G60 is a single unit capable of both dispensing and depositing banknotes, and its small size realizes miniaturization and design flexibility of G60-equipped devices (banking equipment). Moreover, by utilizing the bill validation technology of the BV100, the G60 complies with banknote authentication requirements worldwide, became the first in its class of recycling units to implement dispensing and deposit control by banknote serial number, and reinforces counterfeiting countermeasures. Furthering the validation, the G60 captures image data of banknotes and records the serial number of every single transacted banknote to make it easy to trace should trouble occur.

The demand for high-performance bill recycling units for payment systems and ticket vending machines is growing, and FTEC will be selling the G60 across a wide range of industry sectors.


  1. Function and performance
    (1) Same width (160 mm) as the FTEC F53 Bill Dispensing Unit
    (2) Largest banknote storage capacity in its class: 1,400 banknotes
    ([4 stackers x 100] + [1,000 in deposit/collection cassette])
    (3) Possible to dispense and deposit up to 20 banknotes at once
  2. High reliability through the bill validation technology of the BV100
    (1) The G60 is the first in its class of small recycling units to be equipped with a function that controls the dispensing and depositing of banknotes by serial number.(*1)
    After registering the serial numbers of counterfeit notes and other such banknotes, the G60 returns or rejects any banknotes that have matching numbers.(*1)
    (2) The G60 can manage a maximum of 256 denominations of currencies, so it can be installed in a currency exchange machine.
    (3) The serial number of every transacted banknote can be recorded in memory in real time. The G60 thus manages dispensed and deposited banknotes as journals and receipts.(*1)
    (4) Bill validation software can easily be installed with the device control unit.
  3. Easy to operate and maintain
    (1) Maintenance is significantly simpler because it is possible to completely open the main transfer path and remove the banknote stacker.
    (2) The large-capacity deposit/collection cassette, which accommodates a maximum of 1,000 banknotes, can collect all the banknotes in operation at once.
    (3) The G60 is equipped with a banknote supply cassette as an option. It reduces work in the startup operation. The cassette of the F53 Bill Dispensing Unit can be used as this supply cassette in the G60.
  4. Other
    Price: Individual quotations
    Sales start: Sales start at the end of April 2011, and shipping starts in May.
    Sales target: 30 thousand units worldwide within three years


*1 Please contact FTEC about the countries supported by the serial-number-related functions.


Item Specification
External dimensions (H x W x D), mm Approx. 680 x 160 x 340
Weight 25 kg
Banknotes in each transaction 1 to 20 banknotes, 4 directions
Recycle stacker capacity Approx. 100 banknotes x 4 stackers (maximum)
Supply cassette (option) capacity Approx. 500 banknotes
Deposit/collection cassette capacity Approx. 1,000 banknotes
Banknote sizes (handling range), mm Minimum: 60 x 120 to Maximum: 83 x 182
Processing performance 10 sec., 20 banknotes
Service access Front and rear access
Interface / OS HW: USB 2.0 Full Speed
OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7 CEN/XFS 3.03
Power supply DC +24 V±10%, Maximum 15 A

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Date: 28 April, 2011
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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