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Fujitsu Frontech Wins Order for 1,000 “FLEPia” from Taiwan

~First overseas order provides baseball fans with team magazines accessible through FLEPia~

Tokyo, October 23, 2009 - Fujitsu Frontech Limited (hereinafter, Fujitsu Frontech) has won an order for 1,000 of its color electronic paper mobile information terminal, FLEPia, from the Brother Elephants Baseball Club (hereinafter, Brother Elephants), a professional baseball team in Taiwan. Brother Elephants will provide custom-designed versions of the lightweight, thin and power-efficient mobile information terminal to fans and affiliates of the team in commemoration of their 25th anniversary. FLEPia will be used to store informational magazines on the baseball team including color photo images of the players and past newsletters, enabling fans to have easy-access to the information. Fujitsu Frontech is expected to ship the mobile terminals to the Brother Elephants by the end of 2009. This marks the first major overseas order of FLEPia.

October 23, 2009

In recent times, mobile information terminals using electronic paper in its displays are attracting attention both in Japan and overseas. Fujitsu Frontech developed "FLEPia" as a mobile information terminal featuring color electronic paper and started test sales of the device for domestic companies in 2007. Following this, Fujitsu Frontech continued to enhance and improve the functions of FLEPia and launched general sales of the terminal domestically in March 2009. Although FLEPia has only been released in Japan, Fujitsu Frontech has sparked interest overseas and received numerous inquiries. While promoting domestic sales, Fujitsu Frontech has made efforts to develop the mobile information terminal for the overseas market.

The Brother Elephants, a popular professional baseball team in Taiwan, celebrates their 25th anniversary in 2009. To celebrate this milestone, the Brother Elephants were in search of a special product that would help commemorate this event. FLEPia was highly praised by the Brother Elephants for its lightweight and compact size, as well as being the world's first color electronic paper mobile information terminal. This led to an order of 1,000 custom-designed FLEPia mobile information terminals specially encased with the team's logo mark as designated by the Brother Elephants. The following information will be made available on the Brother Elephant's custom-designed FLEPia:

  1. Back Issues of the Brother Elephant's Newsletter Magazine (88 issues in total)
  2. Brother Elephant Comic Books
  3. Brother Elephant Team Activity Reports

This occasion marks the first time that a mobile information terminal utilizing color electronic paper in great quantities, has been utilized by a company or an organization overseas.

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Date: 23 October, 2009
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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