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  5. TeamPoS3000XE joins in line-up of POS terminal for Asian market

TeamPoS3000XE joins in line-up of POS terminal for Asian market

Fujitsu Frontech Limited announces the development of the TeamPoS3000XE, a POS terminal with a lower price and higher performance than current models. The launch date for the Asian market is September 1. In the TeamPoS3000 series, this product offers excellent price performance and is positioned to cater to Asia's retailers, especially supermarkets, who are the main target customers.

August 26, 2009

We started selling the TeamPoS3000 series in the Asian market in 2006. The TeamPoS3000XL is based on mobile PC technology, for retailers who seek an energy-saving model permitting both stacked and dispersed installation. The other model, the TeamPoS3000XT, is an information terminal device for stacked installation.

In recent years, the PC architecture has pushed POS systems along the path to low-price and high-performance products. To meet market demand for these products, we have developed and released the TeamPoS3000XE which adopts the latest high-performance desktop PC technology and offers superb price performance. With the addition of this new terminal, our POS product lineup for the Asian market now has three models, the TeamPoS3000XL, TeamPoS3000XT and TeamPoS3000XE, to satisfy customers' needs.

We will exhibit this product at the 14th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition (1)in Seoul, South Korea from October 14 to 17.


  1. Low-priced model with greatly increased performance
    The adoption of the latest desktop PC technology realizes a high-performance platform that is 2.2 times faster (in internal tests) but less expensive than the current models.
  2. CPU scalability and rich expandability
    The TeamPoS3000XE is available with a range of CPUs from the Intel® Celeron®440 to CoreTM2 Duo. The terminal can run complex applications, store applications and back office applications at the same time (2). It can accommodate up to 4 GB of added memory. Three of its four PCI card slots are PCI ExpressTM, offering rich expandability and the capability to build an environment for high performance.
  3. Maintenance flexibility
    No special tools are needed to remove the hard disk drive from the front or the motherboard from the rear. Since the main components lay within quick reach (less than a minute), they promise easy maintenance.
  4. Available with Intel® Active Management technology (3)
    Even while the power of TeamPoS3000XE is off, hardware conditions can be remotely monitored. It is also possible to detect and recover from abnormal conditions and protect network resources.
  5. Compatible with the current models
    The OPOS available for this product is the same as for the current models, the TeamPoS3000XL and TeamPoS3000XT. It utilizes existing resources and ensures application interface compatibility.
  6. Diverse connectivity with I/O devices
    Not only PoweredUSBTM but also older serial interfaces are available in the TeamPoS3000XE for I/O device connections. They help smooth system migration by utilizing the customer's hardware resources. Providing diverse connectivity with I/O devices, this product is most suitable for use in various specialty stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets requiring high-speed processing.

Price and Launch Date

Product name Price Sales start date
TeamPoS3000XE Open pricing September 1, 2009

Sales Target

10,000 units in the Asian market in three years


  1. The 14th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition is an exhibition held by the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations.
  2. Here, performance needs to be evaluated individually.
  3. This requires application software for management.

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Date: 26 August, 2009
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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