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Fujitsu Frontech's ATM Unit Repair Service in Spain Goes Live as Fujitsu Frontech Establishes Global Service Bases!

Fujitsu Frontech Limited is providing closer and faster service to customers around the world with local repair services from ATM unit repair service bases. Fujitsu Frontech is establishing these repair service bases one by one in Spain, China and the Philippines in response to global sales growth of the ATM units. The repair service base in Malaga in Southern Spain started operation in November, 2008.

The establishment of the repair service bases will drastically shorten the repair time for ATM units in Europe and reduce ATM manufacturers' inventories of maintenance parts by up to one-third. Fujitsu Frontech will provide better after-sales service, improve customer satisfaction and expand sales in global markets.

December 19, 2008

- Shorter repair time (by one-third) and enhanced service will improve customer satisfaction -

ATM Unit Repair Service in Spain

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and Expanding Markets

Fujitsu Frontech supplies ATM manufacturers worldwide with a highly functional ATM unit called the "Bill Recycling Unit" (BRU). ATMs with built-in BRUs are in wide use across Europe, China and other Asian countries. The total number of these ATMs currently in operation is about 10,000. The recent global trend toward ATMs that recycling bills is expected to accelerate market growth to up to 50,000 ATMs in operation over the next few years. Fujitsu Frontech will contribute to the market growth of ATMs that recycling bills by localizing its repair services to accommodate the increasing demand for BRU repair services and improve customer satisfaction.

Specifically, Fujitsu Frontech is establishing repair service bases in Spain, China and the Philippines this year and next year to build a global repair service organization.

ATM Unit Repair Service in Spain

The BRU is a very high precision mechanical unit consisting of a complex combination of 5,000 mechanical and electronic parts. In the past, repairs of the BRUs were completed in Japan in order to maintain the repair service quality. Now, Fujitsu Frontech aims to bring its repair services closer to customers by driving the localization of the repair services. To maintain the repair service quality, local customer engineers receive training for several months to acquire more expertise and technical know-how. For the European market, the repair center was established inside the FUJITSU TEN ESPANA. S.A. (FTESA) factory site in Malaga, Spain and launched its repair services in November, 2008. FTESA is a subsidiary of FUJITSU TEN LIMITED. Operating this repair center will eliminate the time taken to transport units between the European countries and Japan, drastically shorten the repair time for ATM units, which used to take over several weeks, and minimize ATM manufacturers' inventories of maintenance parts.

Fujitsu Frontech will continue to build the global repair service organization by developing the repair service bases for the China market and APAC market (Asia and Oceania) next year. At the same time, Fujitsu Frontech will gradually expand its repair and maintenance services to cover other ATM components.

About Fujitsu Frontech

As part of the Fujitsu group, Fujitsu Frontech Limited develops, manufactures and sells products such as ATMs, operation branch terminals, POS terminals, public display devices and offers related software, system integration and outsourcing as part of its total solutions offerings. The company also supports the security sector by offering products incorporating Fujitsu's latest palm vein authentication technology. Fujitsu Frontech is actively involved in the development of key technologies in various fields and is currently focusing on the areas of color electronic paper and service robots.
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Date: 19 December, 2008
Company: Fujitsu Frontech Limited


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