Fujitsu Frontech Business Profile

Based on the management philosophy of "Connecting people to companies with the cutting-edge ICT and contributing to create affluent society", the Fujitsu Frontech Group develops business at the point of contact (front) where our customers and consumers meet, in business fields such as finance, retail and industry and public sector.
In addition to our core technologies grounded in many years of practice, such as cash handling and safe and secure settlement methods, we offer new value from the idea of "Koto" (service oriented way of thinking) to enhance customers business in area such as "changing the front-end of customers", "labor saving and automation" and "safe and secure", making use of our advantages, our unique technologies (leading edge palm vein authentication, RFID and others), onsite knowledge and systems engineering skills based on our intimate understanding of business fields and affairs, perfectionism in manufacturing, and a union of hardware, software, and services.
In global markets, we are engaged in expanding product portfolios and provide comprehensive cash management solution in retail stores, etc. by Co-Creation with SI (System Integration) partners. We will continue to develop our business in existing areas further and expand business area such as emerging nations.

The followings are business segments of Fujitsu Frontech and the primary products and services.

Primary segments

Global Product Business

Spreading expertise in Financial, Retail and Public Sector on global basis

Global Product Business

We offer products such as mechanical components, applied equipment, ATMs, banking terminals, system products for outside Japan, system products for public racing, etc.


  • Mechanical components
  • Applied equipment

System Products

  • ATMs
  • Banking Terminals
  • System Products for outside Japan
  • System Products for Public racing

Solution & Service Business

Developing Total Solutions to provide new value based on innovative technologies and the idea of "Koto" (service oriented way of thinking)

Solution & Service Business

We offer solutions and services such as ATM and financial solutions, industrial solutions, AI solutions, financial services, LCM services, etc.
We also offer products and solutions such as palm vein authentications, RFID & sensor solutions, settlement solutions, and mobile systems, etc.

Service Integration

  • ATM & Financial Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
  • AI Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • LCM Services (Total Services for retail stores)

Frontline Solutions

  • Palm Vein Authentications
  • RFID & Sensor Solutions
  • Settlement Solutions
  • Mobile Systems
  • Subscription Services


We offer products such as public display systems, metal molds and processed parts with high-precision cutting.

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