Fujitsu Frontech Group implements "Health & Productivity Management" through considering the health management of employees from a management perspective, implementing measures strategically and investing in health.
Fujitsu Frontech Group will support the realization of ideal image of each employees and create an environment where employees can work healthily and energetically.

Promotion System

Our promotion system of occupational health and safety, for which the head of Corporate Center is responsible, implements, strengthens and expands various measures in cooperation with human resources division, the health promotion division and health insurance union. In addition to usual safety and health guidance, we improve continuously occupational health and safety through active participation of all employees.

Promotion system of occupational health and safety

Main Measures

For improvement in awareness of occupational health and safety

We conduct disaster drills and emergency response training, in addition to provide usual safety and health guidance.
Also, we encourage participation of all employees through gathering the occupational health and safety slogan from employees at the term of weeks of nation-wide activities, including National Safety Week (July) and National Occupational Health Week (October).

Medical examination

The Fujitsu Frontech Group conducts regular examinations that can be supplemented with gastric examination and fecal occult blood examination according to age to the legally required medical examination. Industrial physicians and industrial health staff feedback the results of these examinations to ensure a correct understanding of the results and improve health awareness, while also recommending close examinations or medical consultations. Furthermore, as measures to prevent the severity of illness, we work with our health insurance union to check the receipt of employees who are judged to require subsequent medical treatment at regular medical examinations, and to recommend medical consultation to employees who have not received treatment yet, leading to appropriate treatment.
For the early detection of cancer, in cooperation with the Fujitsu Health Insurance Union, we also made gynecological checkups available free of charge and established a system to subsidize brain and lung screening fees.
Medical examination uptake rate of FY2019: 99.9%

System where employees can view their medical examination results on PCs and smartphones

Mental healthcare

To support employees, we have placed counselors in offices, provide counseling, employment support for employees with mental health problems and various mental health trainings and implement measures to prevent recurrence.
With a stress checking system, we support self-care of employees by the diagnosis. We feed the total analysis results back to each department and provide stress management trainings (for middle management members) to reduce stress and invigorate workplaces.

Questionnaire of the stress checking system and individual diagnosis results

Event for the improvement of employees' health

In cooperation with the Fujitsu Health Insurance Union, Fujitsu Frontech Group promotes events to improve employees' health, for instance, a walking event and an event to stop smoking. In addition, we work on primarily prevent by utilizing various opportunities including holding health seminars for women and delivering mail magazines. We also provide dietary support such as providing health menus at employee cafeterias and dietary guidance by registered dietitians.

"Arukatsu with everyone", company-wide walking event

We hold the events twice a year in spring and in autumn and in event employees compete each other for average steps using smartphone apps. Employees may join in the event individually or in groups and we give awards to higher-ranked employees and groups in each division.

"Stop smoking challenge with teams", promotion event to stop smoking

In this event, a team with one smoker and from 2 to 5 supporters challenge to stop smoking for 3 months. When the smoker succeeds quitting smoking, the team will receive incentives from the company.

"Office Yoga", event to improve mental and physical health

During the first half, we held 7 programs on different themes including improving sleep quality, eliminating tiredness and fatigue, burning fat and so on. The events were popular and now it is held regularly so that many employees can experience it.

Support for balancing work with medical treatment

Fujitsu Frontech Group promotes the early detection and treatment by offering brain and lung screenings at the time of regular medical examination. We also conduct healthcare support that focuses on individual diseases, including care during employees' sick leave and support after their reinstatements, so that employees can receive appropriate treatment or work energetically while receiving treatment.

Infectious disease countermeasures

Fujitsu Frontech Group actively implements protection initiatives such as providing information in order to protect employees from infectious diseases. As one of infectious disease protection measures, we provide inoculations (borne by the company), recommended according to area for employees who are transferring overseas.

Certified as the Health & Productivity Management Organization 2022 (large enterprise category) for three years in a row (March 2022)

Fujitsu Frontech was certified as "Health & Productivity Management Organization 2022 (large enterprise category)" for three years in a row by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and The Nippon Kenko Kaigi as a company that focuses on and strategically carries out efforts with regard to their employees' health from a management perspective.
The Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program honors outstanding enterprises including small, medium and large sized companies, engaging in efforts to advance health and productivity management, based on initiatives that address local health issues and health promotion activities promoted by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

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