Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Promotion Framework

At our company, the IP Committee has determined company-wide action policies and the intellectual property management department as a secretariat is working on the extraction and entitlement of inventions for not only technologies applied to the products (such as product, solution and service) but also the ones for our future business in collaboration with the development division, quality assurance division and manufacturing division. We also respect the intellectual property of others and make sure that our technology does not infringe their rights.

Incentive/Award System

We have a system to provide incentive/award to the inventions made by the employees in the course of their duties (employee inventions) at the time of application and registration of the right. The amount of payment is determined objectively through evaluation and deliberation by the inventors, intellectual property department and the IP Committee.
The system is under transparent and flexible operation by the disclosure on the company intranet and a window for inquiries, opinions, etc.

Efforts to Utilize Intellectual Property

Our company, in cooperation with local governments and financial institutions, introduces our patents to intellectual property utilization support businesses of small and medium enterprise and conducts activities of licensing and transferring rights. In addition, the patents are registered in the open patent information database operated by INPIT (National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training), and the patents that contribute to the environment and energy saving are registered to WIPO GREEN, a platform operated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to promote the utilization of environmental technologies. We also contribute to the development of human resources who challenge innovation and entrepreneurship by providing patents for student idea contests using patents.

Our company's open patents for active licensing are posted on the Fujitsu website.

Risk Compliance

As outlined in the Fujitsu Way Code of Conduct, we protect and respect our and others' intellectual property rights. In order to differentiate ourselves from other companies and ensure our competitive advantage, we are working to improve corporate profits by properly acquiring and securing intellectual property rights such as patents, copyrights and trademarks and using them in our own business for improving our company profit. We also conduct thorough investigations to ensure that we do not infringe the intellectual property (e.g., patent rights) of other companies. When using intellectual property of other companies, we obtain and use it through due process.

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