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RSS Feeds

Updates to news on the FUJITSU RESEARCH INSTITUTE portal site are now available through RSS feeds you can access through a third party RSS reader.

Please make sure you have an RSS reader installed before continuing. If you don't have one installed or you need more information regarding available readers, please refer the links provided in the section below "How do I find an RSS reader?".

If you are using a Firefox Browser to view this page, then you can also set up RSS feeds using the "Live Bookmark" feature. See detailed steps below:

Getting Started with RSS (XML)

What is RSS?

“Really Simple Syndication,” or RSS is a format that is commonly used to syndicate news items or marketing communications to news agencies. Many major news sites (including CNN, BBC, and NPR) provide RSS feeds in order to provide up-to-date news information. Fujitsu would like to offer you this service to keep you informed of new products, services and events offered in the US.

How do I find an RSS reader?

In order to access RSS content you must install an RSS reader. Please download an RSS reader or aggregator and follow the setup instructions provided by the third party.

The following are links to free RSS readers available for download:

How to Set up a Live Bookmark (Firefox browser feature)

If you are viewing this page from a Firefox browser, then follow these steps to set up an RSS feed in your Bookmarks:

  • On this page, right click on the RSS feed link you would like to add to your Bookmarks. From the list of right click options, select "Copy Link Location".
  • From the Firefox browser bar, click on "Bookmarks" and select "Manage Bookmarks" from the dropdown.
  • From the Bookmark Manager menu select "File". From the File options click on "New Live Bookmark".
  • In the Properties for New Live Bookmark window, edit the Name field to the RSS feed name or a shorter version you like, and paste the copied link into the "Feed Location" field, then click OK.
  • You should now see the new feed in the Bookmarks dropdown.

Important Information

Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy policy. We are not responsible for any RSS reader software you download to access this service.