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Special Conference (November 9, 2016)

Essential Qualities of Innovation-Producing “Ba” (Japanese)

On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Fujitsu Research Institute hosted a Special Conference at Keidanren Kaikan under the title of “Essential Qualities of Innovation-producing ‘Ba’”.

Conference Summary


The official conference summary of this event is now available in English. Please download from the link below:

Essential Qualities of Innovation-Producing “Ba
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Today, companies involved in fields as far-flung as health and medicine, the environment and energy, and local-level community building are undertaking measures related to open innovation and social innovation. As such, opportunities to work together with diverse organizations and individuals, including those from other companies, universities, the public sector, NPOs and NGOs, and local residents, are increasing.

In order to achieve social objectives, various participants recognize each other’s positions and create activities while fostering empathy and trust through dialogue. To get results, investments of time and labor are necessary, and activities can be challenging for companies. Many companies that have had difficulty launching and maintaining activities, and sometimes innovation measures end at the discussion stage. Indeed, ba for dialogue and co-creation alone do not lead to practical innovation outcomes.

The key here is the essence of innovation ba. In innovation ba, stakeholders and experts gather, begin dialogue, create ideas, and then develop these ideas into business models through trial and error, putting them into practice in the field. Companies must have the ability to sustain collaborative activities with various organizations and individuals in this way. In the future, the necessity of building the value of the company's products and services from the perspective of society and end users’ daily lives will rise, so the ability to co-create innovation will never be limited to social purposes.

At this conference, experts on innovation, and those involved in co-creation activities in corporations and regional sites, presented their ideas, and considered the essence of innovation ba to produce social and business value, with the participation of diverse stakeholders. Specifically, the following points were considered: (1) What is innovation ba?; (2) What actions and perspectives must a company have to realize ba of dialogue with those outside the company?; and (3) What sort of internal communication and co-creation is necessary to reflect innovation activities throughout a company?

We welcomed around 250 guests and participants at the conference, and the day’s events were a great success.

Below, please find information on conference speakers.
Speaker information is accurate as of the day of the conference.

Keynote Speech


Network-based Socioeconomics Centered on the Individual

Noboru Konno, Professor
Tama Graduate School of Business


Research Report


Towards the Popularization of Multi-stakeholder Participatory Co-creation in Japan: Living Lab’s Initiatives as a Starting Point

Koji Nishio, Senior Research Fellow
Economic Research Center, Fujitsu Research Institute


Panel Discussion: Towards Co-creation Activities with Diverse People and Organizations

Under the title of “Towards Co-creation Activities with Diverse People and Organizations,” and with the active participation of panelists Yoshio Iwasaki of Mayekawa Research Institute, Atsuko Saito of KOKUYO, and Shintaro Minami of the Kyushu Economic Research Center, commentator Noboru Konno, who also gave the keynote speech, and moderation by Koji Nishio, the panel discussion was a ba with wide-ranging and high-quality debate.



  • Yoshio Iwasaki, Research Fellow, Mayekawa Research Institute Co., Ltd.
  • Atsuko Saito, WORKSIGHT LAB. Principal Researcher, KOKUYO Co., Ltd.
  • Shintaro Minami, Research Department Research Fellow, Kyushu Economic Research Center


  • Noboru Konno, Professor, Tama Graduate School of Business


  • Koji Nishio, Senior Research Fellow, Economic Research Center, Fujitsu Research Institute