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The 3rd Japan India Intellectual Forum, Guest Speaker Profile

Keynote Speech

プレム シャンカール ジャー(ジャーナリスト、元インド首相情報顧問)
Mr. Prem Shankar Jha
Journalist, Former Media Advisor to the Prime Minister

Since 1961, he has worked for the UNDP in New York and Damascus, Syria, returning in 1968 to India to pursue a career in journalism. He has been Editor of the Economic Times, the Financial Express, and Delhi’s main paper, The Hindustan Times. He was also Economic Editor of the Times of India from 1981 to 1986. In 1990 he was the Information Adviser to the Prime Minister of India, V. P Singh. Since 1991 he has been a columnist for “The Hindu”, “The Hindustan Times”, “Outlook”, “The Deccan Herald”, “Dainik Bhaskar” (Hindi) and “Tehelka”. He has been a visiting professor at IIM Calcutta, visiting fellow of Nuffield College Oxford, visiting fellow of Harvard University, and several other eminent academic institutions. He earned an M.A. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Magdalen College, Oxford, UK in 1961.
NPO法人日印パートナーシップフォーラム 理事長 アフターブ セット
Ambassador Aftab Seth
Chairman, Japan-India Partnership Forum

In 2007, he established the NPO Japan-India Partnership Forum and became founder chairman. After the retirement from his diplomat career, in 2004, he became the professor, Keio University (till 2008). After joining the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India in 1968, as an Indian Diplomat he served in Tokyo, Beirut, Cairo, Cyprus, Hamburg, Jakarta, and Karachi. He is a former Ambassador of India to Greece, Vietnam and Japan. In 1963, he made the first visit to Japan as an exchange student in Keio University. After completed his B. A. in History from Delhi University, he entered in Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and completed his M. A. in History and Political Science in 1967 and in 1993 he obtained his Ph. D. in History from American College of Greece, Athens.
Dr. Jianmin Jin
Senior Fellow, Fujitsu Research Institute

Graduated from Zhejiang University Graduate School in July 1985 and from Yokohama National University’s Department of International Development Studies in 1997. 1985-1991 he worked at the Chinese National Science and Technology Commission and from January 1998 to present he has worked at FRI. He has also been the facilitator at JMA’s “CTO Forum of Japan” from 2005 to present. His main publications include “Free Trade and Environmental Protection”, “A Chinese Economist’s Perspective on China’s Real Power”, as well as research reports and papers such as “Japan’s Hot-and-Cold Relationship with India”, “Advances in R&D Activities in India”, and “Comparative Study of ICT Industry Markets in India and China”, among others.