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  4. Fujitsu Research Institute Special Conference (Date:December 5, 2011Venue: Keidanren Kaikan)

BOP Market Development and Social Business Innovation

Business development of growing markets in developing and emerging countries is becoming more important for global companies. Among these markets, Base of Pyramid (BOP) business, which is aimed at low income earners in developing and emerging countries, is gathering attention within the global economy as a new market worth $5 trillion. Already, local companies and American and European global companies are forming ties with international institutions, governments, and NGOs and actively developing BOP markets. Interest in BOP markets continues to grow within Japan as well, with the founding of the Japan Inclusive Business Support Center by METI in October 2011.

In BOP markets, which carry many social issues due to poverty, it is necessary to create market infrastructure and, unlike mass production and distribution of the past, have a business model which solves specific social issues within a highly competitive market. Japan’s past forte was high-end markets, and it has recently been actively targeting middle-end markets in its overseas business development, but a different conception is required: cultivating markets by bringing about social innovation. For most BOP business, it is essential to balance solving social issues with corporate profits. Japanese companies are very active when it comes to contributing to society through CSR activities aimed at low-income earners, but to effectively develop markets they must strategically link CSR activities and business.

In the future, BOP markets will become even more important for global business development. At this conference, we would like to discuss and suggest business strategies and management reforms to help strengthen the international competitiveness of Japanese companies.

In particular, the keynote lecture will discuss global companies’ business strategies for BOP market development and the latest trends in the framework of international business support. Following this, we will present research reports regarding Japanese companies’ BOP business strategies, business model innovations, and CSR strategies. Finally, in the panel discussion we will look at case studies of specific efforts of companies which have begun to get involved in BOP business as we talk about the issues and possible solutions of BOP market development.

Application Process

Application for this conference was finished. Thank you very much!

Conference Outline

Date and Time
December 5, 2011 13:00-17:20 (doors open at 12:30)
Venue Keidanren Kaikan, 2nd floor, International Conference Hall
Address: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Map)
Tel:03-6741-0222 (direct)
Organizer Fujitsu Research Institute / Supporter: Fujitsu Ltd.
Languages Simultaneous English / Japanese interpretation
Entry fee Free


Please note parts of the program are subject to change.

Opening Remarks
Masaharu Sato
President and Representative Director, FRI
Keynote Speech
コーネル大学ジョンソンスクールマネジングディレクター エリック・シマニス
Keynote Speech 1
Getting Back to Business Fundamentals:Making 'Bottom of the Pyramid' Relevant to Core Business

Dr. Erik Simanis, Managing Director of Market Creation Strategies, Johnson School of Management, Cornell University
アジア開発銀行 地域・持続的開発局 シニアエコノミスト アーミン・バウアー
Keynote Speech 2
Inclusive Business at the Base of the Pyramid:Overview of a recent ADB Initiative

Dr. Armin Bauer,
Principal Economist, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank
Research Presentation
Research Presentation 1
Strategic Development of BOP Business

Dr. Jianmin Jin,
Senior Fellow, Economic Research Center, FRI
Research Presentation 2
Strategic CSR for Developing BOP Markets

Takafumi Ikuta,
Senior Research Fellow, Economic Research Center, FRI
Coffee Break
Panel Discussion “Japanese companies’ BOP market development strategies”
コーネル大学ジョンソンスクールマネジングディレクター エリック・シマニス

Dr. Erik Simanis
Managing Director of Market Creation Strategies, Johnson School of Management, Cornell University
アジア開発銀行 地域・持続的開発局 シニアエコノミスト アーミン・バウアー

Dr. Armin Bauer
Principal Economist, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank
味の素株式会社 CSR部 専任部長 中尾 洋三

Youzou Nakao
Ajinomoto Co., Inc., CSR Department, Associate General Manager
三洋電機株式会社 経営企画本部 渉外部 担当課長 堀田 隆之

Takayuki Hotta
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Corporate Planning H.Q., Government Relations Department Manager
富士通株式会社 パブリックリレーションズ本部 CSR推進部長 藤崎 壮吾

Sogo Fujisaki
Fujitsu Ltd, Public Relations Unit, CSR Director

Dr. Jianmin Jin
Senior Fellow, Economic Research Center, FRI


Takafumi Ikuta
Senior Research Fellow, Economic Research Center, FRI
17:10-17:20 Closing Remarks
Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka
Chairman of Economic Research Center, FRI