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  4. Fujitsu Research Institute Special Conference (Date:June 13,2011 Venue:Keidanren Kaikan)

Innovation for Emerging Market Success

Asia’s emerging economies have escaped the global financial crisis in much better shape than expected and continue to grow strongly. But most of these countries also face great challenges in dealing with their energy and environmental needs and the need to balance income inequality. Japan, on the other hand, has accumulated great experience in overcoming such economic development-related challenges but faces the long-term problem of low growth due to an ageing population. In order to realize strong long-term growth and to recover from the disaster of the Great East Japan Earthquake in a sustainable way, Japan needs to become a strong part of Asia’s growing market in terms of production, consumer demand, and human resources.

Japanese companies are already deeply involved in forming production networks throughout Asia, but they have not yet realized the full potential of these new markets. Companies are still developing their strategies targeting the new demand from exploding numbers of “middle income” customers in emerging markets. A strong push towards innovation which builds on Asia’s local personnel for research and development should therefore be expected.

At this special conference, we will focus on the emerging Asian market innovation strategies of advanced Japanese, American, and European corporations. By sharing the experiences of our distinguished guests and our researchers, we hope to contribute to the innovation and business strategies of our partners in the Japanese business community.

Application Process

Application for this conference was finished. Thank you very much!

Conference Outline

Date and Time
June 13, 2011 13:00-17:30 (doors open at 12:30)
Venue Keidanren Kaikan, 2nd floor, International Conference Hall
Address: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Map)
Tel:03-6741-0222 (direct)
Organizer Fujitsu Research Institute / Supporter: Fujitsu Ltd.
Languages Simultaneous English / Japanese interpretation
Entry fee Free


Program download [86KB]


Please note parts of the program are subject to change.

Opening Remarks
Masaharu Sato
President and Representative Director, FRI
Keynote Lecture
GE グローバル・リサーチ 日本代表、GE コーポレート 専務執行役員 技術担当(日本) ジュリアナ・シェイ
Keynote Lecture 1
“Reverse Innovation and GE’s R&D in Asia ”

Ms. Juliana C. Shei
General Manager, GE Global Research‐Japan
パナソニック株式会社 経営企画グループ グローバル調査研究チーム チームリーダー 藤田 英樹
Keynote Lecture 2
“Challenges of Consumer Electronics Companies in the Growing Asian Market”

Mr. Hideki Fujita
Team Leader, Global Research Team, Corporate Planning Group, Panasonic
Research Presentation
Research Presentation 1
“Germany’s Global Companies: Innovation for Emerging Markets”

Dr. Martin Schulz
Senior Research Fellow, FRI
Research Presentation 2
“China’s New Position as a Global Innovation Center ”

Dr. Jianmin Jin
Senior Fellow, FRI
Coffee Break
Panel Discussion “Innovation Strategy for Emerging Market Success”
GE グローバル・リサーチ 日本代表、GE コーポレート 専務執行役員 技術担当(日本) ジュリアナ・シェイ

Ms. Juliana C. Shei
General Manager, GE Global Technology‐Japan
パナソニック株式会社 経営企画グループ グローバル調査研究チーム チームリーダー 藤田 英樹

Mr. Hideki Fujita
Team Leader, Corporate Planning Group, Panasonic
日本精工株式会社 特別顧問(元副社長) 町田 尚

Dr. Hisashi Machida
Special Consultant (former Vice President) NSK Ltd.

Dr. Martin Schulz
Senior Research Fellow, FRI

Dr. Jianmin Jin
Senior Fellow, FRI

富士通総研 専務取締役 根津 利三郎

Mr. Risaburo Nezu
Executive Fellow, FRI
17:20-17:30 Closing Remarks
Dr. Ikujiro Nonaka
Chairman of Economic Research Center, FRI