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Research Topics

At the Fujitsu Research Institute’s Economic Research Center, our vision is “To conduct research which contributes to Japan’s sustained and symbiotic innovation, with an eye on the global landscape.” Below are some of the specific topics we cover. We distinguish ourselves with our global perspective and the emphasis we place on ICT and its impact on society.

Innovation Infrastructure Research

  • My Number system and e-Government
  • Issues of human-centric public administration
  • Creating new legal systems to deal with “legislative boom”
  • Management of vacant houses, vacant lots, and other real estate
  • New innovative possibilities in healthcare
  • International comparison of knowledge use and talent development in manufacturing industry with aging population
  • Vision of business models and human resources for dealing with advent of age of IoT and democratization of innovation
  • ICT supporting the society of tomorrow and new business opportunities

Sustainable and Symbiotic Society Research

  • Regional revitalization using natural resources
  • Using ICT with consideration for societal impact at regional level
  • Integrated economic and technological evaluation models including employment and demographics
  • Integration methods of energy-economic models
  • International comparison of entrepreneurial environments for social innovation
  • Practical issues for spreading renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency in rural areas

In addition to these research topics, the ERC also does commissioned research on related topics, collaborates with researchers in Japan and overseas, and participates in research institutions and councils.