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  6. Learning from Life to Realize an Autonomous Society
    ―Sustainable Development by Blockchain and DNA Computing―

Learning from Life to Realize an Autonomous Society
―Sustainable Development by Blockchain and DNA Computing―

Ryo Ueda, Senior Research Associate
March 2019


At a time when sustainable development has become a societal challenge, this writer believes that an analogy to life processes with strong autonomous preservation and resilience functions should be applied to social technologies.

If research into the philosophy of life shows that the essence of life can be defined as an “autonomous system that preserves self-referential information”, it must be pointed out that current social technologies and production systems lack the structures and concepts to maintain and recover the self-referential information of things.

DNA is the core information of life, and contains the intelligence behind the encryption of maintenance operation information, and occurrence history of life and its secure preservation. It can be considered that the wisdom of the DNA is implicitly and fundamentally related to the blockchain technology that connects encrypted information today. The social implementation of blockchain-applied autonomous recovery technology and its information infrastructure will improve social sustainability that is centered on disaster resilience.

Maintenance of DNA operation information can be considered the origin of life, and that such meritorious functionalities have aspects in common with such phenomena as the modern exclusion of fake information, and DNA computing, which is being explored for practical use in the near future, is only natural in light of the history of evolution of life and the development of information technology.

Moreover, it is necessary for society to not only be maintained but to develop in a sustainable way. It can be expected that the consensus building of blockchain technology will technologically support human life activities in society, such as thought, prediction and achievement, towards the autonomous development of society that is free from excessive policy-making and special interests. If today’s internet is a technology of space, designed to connect isolated spaces, then blockchain can be thought of as a technology of time, that intermediates between isolated times and validates the correctness and existence of things. And the maintenance and development of information that transcends time is the aforementioned history of life evolution per se.

This writer thinks that a society needs to learn from the basic principle of life, as in the above context, and that thereby a new social technology can be developed to realize sustainability.

The full version of this report is available in PDF format below. This report is only available in Japanese.
Learning from Life to Realize an Autonomous Society ―Sustainable Development by Blockchain and DNA Computing―