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  6. ICT’s Image of the Future seen through Transition in Vision

ICT’s Image of the Future seen through Transition in Vision

June 2013
Innovation and Technology Insight Team



1. Correctly understanding the vision which is the undercurrent of change in computing (the relationship between man and computer) will make it possible for ICT companies to speak of a clear vision and apply strategy to realize that vision without being caught up in the speed of short-term change. This paper examines the visions of computing from 1945 until today and discusses the future shape of ICT and the concept of computing.

2. Since the age when today’s computers were nothing more than fantasies, computing has advanced under the great vision of democratization and open source. Under this vision, individuals have expanded their own knowledge, while at the same time connecting these enlightened individuals has led to greater advancement of ICT. Considering the recently conceived visions of computing, in the future it will be used to empower not only intelligence but all human faculties. Moving forward, ICT companies will have to do business based on the phenomenon of advancing democratization and open source through computing, and with an eye on the empowerment of communities and society as a whole.

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    The original Japanese full text is here [1766 KB].