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Practical Wisdom Research Center

April 2011

This center was founded on April 1, 2011 with the aim of undertaking practical research into what types of business models and leadership are necessary for achieving business activities rooted in the common good.

At the Practical Wisdom Research Center, Fujitsu Group employees participate as trainees, bringing their knowledge of issues they’ve faced in the field and their tacit wisdom. By engaging in discussions with experts from outside Fujitsu, trainees are able to practically apply their studies and create new value through their relationships with various stakeholders. As a result, they are able to create new and never-before-seen business through proposals for creating new social value and new concepts for products and solutions.

Companies need innovation in order to sustainably continue to grow, but executives who simply line up ideals like so many critics, and headstrong employees in the field who have lost sight of the big picture are unable to achieve innovation. Those who are able to realize innovation must “have a philosophy of what is the common good of society, and the ability to make appropriate judgements for different and specific contexts in a dynamically changing situation,” i.e., practical wisdom leaders. Such a leader also joins a global big picture with practical field abilities. Our center provides a forum for our practical wisdom leader candidates to become able to act with greater agency.

NB: Dr. Nonaka has since retired as chairman