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Jianmin Jin, Senior Fellow

Jianmin Jin

Senior Fellow

Research Interest

  • International Economic Law (Investment, Free Trade)
  • Chinese Economy and Enterprises Strategy
  • Business Strategy in Chinese Market for Multi-National Enterprises




1998Fujitsu Research Institute
1985Department of Science and Technology, Chinese Government

Recent Books, Articles and Presentations

  • "Approaches to the Localization and the Governance of Business in China", FRI Research Report, No.199, 2004 (in Japanese)
  • "Marketability of Environmental Businesses in China and Options for Japanese Companies", FRI Research Report, No.185, 2004 (in Japanese)
  • "An Insight into the Technological Capabilities of Chinese Corporations", FRI Research Report, No.183, 2004 (in Japanese)
  • "The Chinese Market and How Japanese Corporations Should Respond", FRI Research Report, No.166, 2003 (in Japanese)
  • Creating New Superpower of Natural Resources, co-authored, Jiji Tsushin Sha, 2002 (in Japanese)
  • Century of China, and Strategy for Japan, co-authored, Nihon Keizai Shimbun, 2002 (in Japanese)

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