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Economic Research



Fujitsu Research Institute is carrying out research with an eye on the rest of the world in an effort to contribute to Japan’s continued and symbiotic innovation. 

Economic Research Center Introduction


Introduction to the ERC’s researchers.

Research Activities

Our independent research can be largely divided into two areas: the infrastructure of innovation and sustainable and symbiotic society. 

The Practical Wisdom Research Center studies the business models and leadership styles necessary to achieve business activities which are for the common good. We also educate practical wisdom leaders through real-life research activities.

w3i has established the Topos Conference Series in order to create a network of wise leaders around the world. It is our hope that we will be able give rise to an innovation ecosystem for the 21st century and help bring about the revitalization of Japan’s society and corporations.

Research Publications

Introduction of various research papers and policy recommendations.

Research Report Series

Archive of research papers published regularly by our researchers.

Opinions (ERC)

Regular opinion pieces and recommendations by our researchers.


Quarterly magazine published by the Economic Research Center


Conferences and seminars dealing with economic research.

Special Conferences 

Conferences involving presentations of research and policy recommendations on mid- to long-term issues.

FRI Economic Seminars

Economic seminars with eminent researchers from around the world.

FRI Economic Workshop

Workshops run by our own ERC researchers on issues related to their areas of expertise.