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Research & Development

We apply cutting-edge science and IT to “visualize” management issues, and provide strong support for our customers in optimizing their operations.

We provide new solutions for increasingly complex, diversifying management issues by applying cutting-edge mathematical methods, IT simulations and technologies such as the calculation of optimal channels and delivery routes to reduce both costs and CO2 emissions associated with importing. Numerical “visualization” of management issues facilitates provision of rational support for decision-making.

New Fields of Research

We focus on topics that respond accurately to today's economic and social requirements as our primary research fields. Our research leads to techniques for understanding complex management issues scientifically. This enables us to provide our customers with information systems tailored to their operations.

Financial Engineering

Our solutions for management issues in the area of finance include development of systems to calculate credit risk for financial institutions with several million customers.

  • Financial risk management (market risk, credit risk, operational risk, etc.)
  • Quantitative comprehension of corporate financial risk
  • Assessment of financial asset value, etc.

Logistics Engineering

We formulate transportation and delivery plans as well as hub and location plans in consideration of all the issues involved in the form of mathematical models, and investigate and apply the requisite technologies for their optimization.

  • Optimization of global multimodal delivery costs and environmental impact
  • Proposals for environmental business models involving consumer participation
  • Automation of production schedule planning
  • Distribution for the medical field, etc.

Management Science

We “visualize” business structures, including quantification of processes leading to customer satisfaction, and develop techniques for adjusting awareness in the workplace.

  • Business modeling/visualization
  • Visualization of value in service innovations, value pricing, etc.

Steps toward implementation

We provide support in collaboration with the Consulting Division and the Fujitsu Group until our systems take root in our customers' on-site operations.

Model development

Drawing on the results of our unique preliminary studies, we pursue and model solutions for management issues in partnership with our customers' planning departments and other organizational units.

Practical application

We make full use of the latest advances in IT to put the models we develop into practical operation in the form of on-site operating systems. We handle the installation within a reasonable time frame and at reasonable cost.

Operational implementation

We take the opinions of the people on the site into account in conducting maintenance of the systems we develop. Working in cooperation with the Consulting Division, we ensure that the systems are firmly rooted in our customers' operations.