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Making full use of the Fujitsu Group's global knowledge and IT capabilities, we work closely with customers to provide consulting services that open up the future.

The ability to take full advantage of the IT capabilities and know-how demonstrated by the Fujitsu Group in its global activities is an important feature of our consulting services. We achieve true management and business innovation that accelerate our customers' growth.


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Services concentrating the integrated strengths of the Fujitsu Group

We provide services by tapping into the integrated strengths of the Fujitsu Group, beginning with the Fujitsu Laboratory's cutting-edge technologies and including Fujitsu's IT solutions, global expertise and actual achievements in Europe, North America and other regions.

Pursuing value creation through the integration of IT into management

We implement management-level consultation in collaboration with Research & Development and our Economic Research Center. We formulate competitive business models by employing IT to integrate solutions to management issues, and provide support until the business models we propose are realized.

Services based on broad experience

We adopt the Fujitsu Group's practical experiences in implementing projects worldwide as reference models to achieve effective consulting of the highest quality. We provide services tailored to customer needs in four categories. We are prepared to provide solutions for a diverse range of management issues involving such matters as management reform, business process reform, internal control and business continuity.

Solving issues in any business category

Our accumulated knowledge and experience in industrial and economic consulting enable us to provide flexible solutions to issues in any business category.